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INNERGY to be embedded on Facebook in May 2012

As we continue to grow and expand our audience we  are excited to announce in May our entire magazine will be embedded on Facebook. It is a breakthrough for us to continue growing because 80% of our readers are internet Swingers. It means most of our Readers are already online when they view us and come to our site through Social Network pathways. In the past in order to view our magazine readers have had to click on a link which then takes them to our Hosting Site to view it. In May, the entire magazine will be visible on any Facebook Page and can be copied, shared, and posted on other pages on Facebook. It makes the reading experience even more advanced when you don’t have to navigate from the social site you love just to view the magazine. We estimate it will attract more than 100,000 more readers per issue.

April Issue hits more than 5,000 views in 2 Weeks

Our April issue hit 500 Reads in the first 24 Hours and hit more than 5,000 Reads in the first two weeks. The numbers also show 64% of our Readers are Women. While a comfortable balance will never be settled, CEO Roosevelt Wright, III feels the numbers reflect American Readers. Women read magazines more than men across the board. Adding new writers and including articles of varied perspectives are some of the immediate essentials he plans to use to broaden the base a little more.

GAIL RIDEAUX joins our writing staff…

With voice that quenches your thirst with genuine soul, and a style brewed under sultry flames. R/B and Neo-Soul Singer/songwriter, Gia, is a refreshing cup of talent that warms your spirit and satisfies your heart. Her freshman album, Legacy Lounge, will make listeners crave a Ghetto King, and question MayBe. And with producers like; Taji, Chris Hines, C4, Tall Cole, John Broussard and the late Teno Ballard you will not only thirst her soul, you will experience it. Gia developed her talent at the tender age of nine, when she formed an eight piece band to win a local talent show in Chicago , IL , at Parkside Elementary. Gia¢s matchless gift of music is inbreeded in her. She¢s the sister of Houston ¢s own Mohammad Ali of R &B, Eddie Cain, and the stepdaughter of the legendary Blues Singer, McKinley Mitchell. If you hear a hint of blues in her voice is because of her heavy influence by her stepfather and great artist like Dorothy Moore, Bobby Blue Bland, Tyrone Davis, and Millie Jackson.

Gia moved from Chicago to Jackson , Mississippi and back to Houston , Texas . On her journey, she gathered an impeccable resume. Her unique vocal style landed her a gig as a lead vocalist for a local Houston band and she eventually branched out and toured with several Reggae artist such as; Robert Minot, Melanie Beacher, and the legendary Bob Marley Family for their yearly tribute to the late singer Bob Marley. This vocally diverse sister has a talent to freestyle lyrically with or without music, making a name for herself amongst the Houston poetry scene. She has worked with, and has lent her voice to several projects for poets such as; Quiet Talker, Scef, and Poetic Chocolate. She is also a member of the Artform group. Gia is the epetome of soul and her voice is like cool water flowing through your finger tips. Listen for more of Gia in January of 2007, singing the theme song to As for Me and My House, a new sitcom airing on KNWS Channel 51.


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