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June 2012

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America’s Top Radio DJs discuss Crime, Politics, and Leadership in the Black Community. Major Players such as Bay Bay (K-104 Dallas), Greg Street (V-103 Atlanta), DJ Drama (97.9 Atlanta), Big Abe (102.9 New Orleans), Wild Wayne (Q93 New Orleans), Dela Yador (NYC Heavy Hitters) and many more share input in the Featured Forum for June: BEYOND THE BEAT.

Also in this issue: THE THINGS YOUR MAN WILL NEVER TELL YOU… Ladies you are sure to get some helpful pointers from this article. Also, ABNORMAL IS THE NEW NORMAL… The things in our society which are negative have become so common that they are normal. Positive things that should happen are not so common anymore. STINKY PEOPLE… Most people think they know what they are doing when they bathe but studies show most people miss the key places which carry the most odors! Also in this issue: MINORITY BABIES NOW OVERPOPULATE White Babies in America. If Non-White births continue the course, in less than 30 years Whites will be the Minorities. < Read that article for sure! PADDLES: What will it take to bring paddles back to the Public School System?

New Music in this issue with better links. Video and iTunes links directly in the Beat Box on every Music Page so you can buy a song right from the page!

New Advertising Supporters join us in this issue as well!

May 2012:

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EMMANUEL & PHILLIP HUDSON cover the May issue. They explain how they accumulated 70 Million Youtube Supporters in one year! Also, Rick Ross (The Original Gangster) gives Innergy a One on One Exclusive in this issue! Amazing Articles and an upgraded format for your viewing and listening pleasure!

April 2012:

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Soul Diva MARY GRIFFIN on the cover, Exclusive Interviews with Comedian RODNEY PERRY and TV Star/Musician/Model FONZWORTH BENTLEY.

Interesting Articles:

Taking The LACK Out Of BLACK, 5 Reasons He’s Not Going To Pop The Question, Add A Lil’  Black History in Your Family Vacation,  Handling Sexual Incompatibility, Should Teen Murderers Get Life, and many more!


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