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Things Your Man Will Never Tell You

June 3, 2012

Shhh…. Your man has a secret. Not just like the other ones. He actually has a secret that he will never tell you. Even if you tried to discuss it in an open conversation he still wouldn’t tell you. He already knows which truths you can and can not handle. To him, it’s not lying…. Read More ›

What Does “Space” Really Mean?

The most honorable thing they could do for you is cut it off before it goes too far.

Radio Shack

Do you remember going to K-Mart as a child? Many people may not remember but at one time Wal-Mart was not the ideal shopping center. It was K-Mart. I used to go to K-Mart every Friday when my dad paid us for our weekly responsibilities. Friday was my day to hit up K-Mart and buy… Read More ›