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Just Say Hello

June 3, 2012

As people around the world continue to sort out differences and learn to relate with each other, we usually find out we have more in common than we realize.  For instance, the first thing most people do when they wake up in the morning is use the bathroom. That’s not a race thing or a… Read More ›

The New Normal

Face it. There is a circle of “somebodies” in every city who have what they have because they have made themselves elite by pulling away from anyone unlike themselves. They share the common perspective and their perspective is the standard. If yours is different, you must be crazy. Definitely not “normal”. Their ideas are the… Read More ›

This Is How We Do It

So, my family is in Ponchatoula, LA for the International Strawberry Festival. This town, a New Orleans suburb, attracts people from all over the world every year for this festival. The town itself only has 6,000 residents but this event draws nearly a half of a million people. Most of the proceeds do not benefit… Read More ›