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John Legend

June 3, 2012

It has sort of become the theme song for the hit movie, Think Like A Man, and John Legend is not complaining at it. The sexy new jam from Legend, “Tonight”, is the leading single from the movie, which was taken from Steve Harvey’s Best Selling Book, Think Like A Man Act Like A Woman…. Read More ›

Brian McKnight Records A Vulgar Video

We have enough idiots yelling profanity and vulgarities in our music. We don’t need our most elite artists stooping this low.

You Still Look Like Your Daddy

Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of the late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, wants to change her name. She wants to drop the Bobbi and the Brown and be called Kristina Houston. Trust me, I was named after my father. I know the headache that comes with bearing the name of your parent. You grow up… Read More ›

She Wants Her Groove Back

Growing up, New Orleans was this place in Louisiana everyone went to have a great time. Atlanta had a mixture of musical culture but New Orleans followed its own rhythm.  New York introduced Hip-Hop to the world but New Orleans was a world of its own. I went back to New Orleans recently, and I go a lot, but this time it was… Read More ›