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Your Head Is Not Screwed Up

June 3, 2012

Enough bad relationships and poor decisions will make you think you are crazy. In fact, most depressions are self inflicted. It is true. You can drive yourself crazy. Sitting up all night wondering about the person who is cheating on you forces you to bad habits. Before you know it you are thinking and acting… Read More ›

The New Normal

Face it. There is a circle of “somebodies” in every city who have what they have because they have made themselves elite by pulling away from anyone unlike themselves. They share the common perspective and their perspective is the standard. If yours is different, you must be crazy. Definitely not “normal”. Their ideas are the… Read More ›

Paddles Could Save Public Schools

While the number of Juvenile Crimes is still shockingly high, the quest for adequate solutions is an ongoing process in the Black Community. One major reason Public Systems are failing is because Parenting has become unpopular. Schools today are expected to be daycare facilities rather than Institutions of Higher Learning. There are so many laws… Read More ›

Black Male Teachers Are Dinosaurs

Subliminally, he’s been taught for decades now. Black men aren’t supposed to be teachers. So, when he graduates High School he has already been shaped to see Teaching as a feminine occupation.

The Russian Roulette Effect: Malcolm X

He takes bullets out of his pocket and places them on the table. One by one, he lines them up in front of the whole group.

Why Black Kids Can’t Swim

African-American kids between the ages of 5 to 14 drown 3.1 times that of white children in the same age range.

Will Smith supplying Innergy

Will Smith is best known as an Actor/Comedian but most people have no idea how Spiritual he and his wife Jada are. We’ve watched them raise their children to be eclectic and free but the Spiritual journey is a journey taught in their home. Will grew up learning and exploring his mind. His father made… Read More ›


  It’s easy to forgive a person who lied on you once they apologized to you. It’s even easy to forgive the person who took a parking spot from you in the Wal-Mart parking lot. They knew you were trying to get that spot but they turned right into it knowing you were headed right… Read More ›

Taking The LACK Out Of BLACK

It made absolutely no sense for young Trayvon Martin to be gunned down by a neighborhood watchman. Cries of injustice were heard all over the world as people of all races vented at the mishandling of this case. Rallies and Protests broke out in Florida and were mirrored all over the country. On Social Sites… Read More ›