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We only offer one Advertising Size: Full Page in (4/4) Full Color

However placement changes the price:

Pages 2-3      $700

Pages 4-10    $500

Pages 10-20  $300

Pages 20-40  $175

Pages 40+     $100

Back Over     $700

Classified Link   $50

Beginning in May 2012 we will launch Classifieds. It will be a small square with your company logo. 25 words and a  link to your site.

Branding     $1500

Full Page Ad for your event in the first 5 pages. A video with the commercial to your event embedded into the page. Your event Name & Date at the bottom of all Article and Editorial Pages. Anywhere in the magazine your event is mentioned it will be linked to your website. When people first open the magazine your event commercial will play. Plus your ad in website link will be placed on our main webpage as a Platinum Sponsor for the month as well as head all emails and press releases we send out.


Call to Advertise with us and reach thousands of people from all over the world.

504.355.9960 or email:


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