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INNERGY MAGAZINE is published by Unboxed Possibilities Enterprise in New Orleans, LA. The company is owned by Roosevelt and Sandria Wright. The parent company was launched in 2010 and the magazine itself was launched in 2012.

Roosevelt and his wife saw a window for Conscious Journalism to target the Eclectic and Spiritual African-American between the ages of 25-54 years old. Innergy Magazine will be the catalyst for an upcoming Radio Show and TV Show highlighting events that raise our consciousness and issues which make us stand up for who we are and what we believe.

The magazine is filled with Spiritual undertones and hidden Spiritual messages. It is designed to provoke conversation amongst readers and attract those who are disengaged from issues which affect our community.

For more information on INNERGY MAGAZINE, contact 504.355.9960 or email:


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  1. Hello Bro RO this is malcolm Bernstine just saying hello you are on our mind a great deal. glad to see that thae vision of publications are going well. still have a copy of your previous work and the work i see now is outstanding. hope the weather is well with the city and the ministry continues to dev. well. bless brother.

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