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Your Head Is Not Screwed Up

Enough bad relationships and poor decisions will make you think you are crazy. In fact, most depressions are self inflicted. It is true. You can drive yourself crazy.

Sitting up all night wondering about the person who is cheating on you forces you to bad habits. Before you know it you are thinking and acting unlike yourself. Getting back at a person who has done you wrong takes a lot of angry thoughts. It only leaves you drained.

Most people who think they are crazy, really aren’t. Many people who feel everyone else is crazy are usually the real crazy ones. But what is the essence of crazy? Insane is mentally ill. Absurd is thinking beyond reason. A lunatic is completely unaware of an instability. Crazy is simply misunderstood.

Most of us are proportionally crazy!

It’s because we don’t take the time to understand how anything works. We drive cars off the lots and we assume they all work the same. We date people and we assume they all work the same. Truth is, everything has it’s own way of working. Everything. Including your brain.

The mind is a little computer chip which tells your body how to work. Like any computer, if someone places a virus on it, most times it will still run. It just won’t run as smooth. Many of us still run but because we have so many viruses we don’t operate as smoothly. Eventually, you’ll shut down altogether. 

In fact, there are things we constantly do daily which eats away at our ability to think straight. You won’t realize it until you have to make a conscious decision and you make the wrong one. In that moment you realize, you’re not crazy but you may be slightly infected in the mind.

Did you know too much Caffeine restricts blood flow to the brain? All that early morning Coffee and the afternoon Cokes are momentarily effective but in the long run they mess up your thinking. Decisions you would normally think through, you end up making too fast.

Improper sleep messes up your ability to reason properly. Most people are so eager to rise to the top that they don’t give their bodies proper rest time. It is important that your eyes stay closed for the 8 hours needed. A lot is going on within your body during these eyes, in particularly your mind. When your mind has been deprived of rest during the night the next day you don’t pay attention to the details in the valuable signs which are being shown to you throughout the day which are designed to help you make the best decisions for the day.

Happy Hours will confuse your judgment over time. Most people make their worst decisions under the influence. Many of us were born “under the influence”. Business people drink daily and many are not mature enough to stop. Heavy alcohol begins to taste like water to them while their thought pockets are diminishing daily.

Our brain is 80% water. When the brain is robbed of hydration it makes it harder for you to think and react. So usually we over react in simple situations. It is very important your body gets enough water daily. A lot of that water helps you think more easily.

It is important we don’t carry anger and worry to bed with us. All we’ll do is wake the next day already under chronic stress. Stress affects the immune system. It makes you weak and sick more casually.

We are not as screwed up in the head as we think but perhaps we keep screwing up our heads so much that we make life harder than it has to be. 

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