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The New Normal

Face it. There is a circle of “somebodies” in every city who have what they have because they have made themselves elite by pulling away from anyone unlike themselves. They share the common perspective and their perspective is the standard. If yours is different, you must be crazy. Definitely not “normal”.

Their ideas are the common ideas. If your ideas don’t mirror theirs then you are a radical.

They have made it through high school and on through college by setting the standard for what is and isn’t acceptable. Simultaneously, they decide who is cool and who is the oddball. If they do it then it’s normal. If they don’t do it and you do it… you’re weird.

Making Babies

Was there like an extra-curricular course in grade school that only key people were allowed to attend? Maybe, there was a social group around town among elite parents and those parents raised their kids to grow in the same circles. Their kids eventually became the extensions of themselves. The ideals of their parents have been manipulated into the views of their kids. Normal gave birth.

It’s how Racism has transcended through generations. It’s how Poverty has transcended through generations. Obesity, Political Affiliations, and even Religious Methods are all forms of normalities usually transcended through the Family Line. 

The thing is, normal is only normal for the people who have been shaped by the normality. The man who lives in a safe neighborhood finds it peaceful to walk down the quiet streets of his suburban neighborhood in the middle of the night. The man who lives in the inner city won’t find it as normal. In fact, if he walked down his street in the middle of the night it would be normal for him to turn up missing, later to be confirmed as dead, probably over his watch or his wallet or just a normal act of American Terror which happens every day in inner city ethnic communities.


Look at the statistics of modern society. Normal is actually not a good attribute for anyone to attract. Who wants to be normal?

According to the United States Census there are about 7 Billion people in the world. About 314 Million of them are Americans. Of course the number changes daily but it won’t change drastically in a year. But, in that number, 190 Million Americans are either overweight or obese. You don’t have to be a Mathematician to calculate that number is more than half of the American population. Normal is unhealthy, overweight, and obese. It’s safe to say normal people are fat. It’s so normal that healthy people stand out simply because it’s not normal to see healthy people anymore.

That’s a problem because Medical Reports show Obese people don’t live as long as healthy people. If you want to be normal then you must accept that you will die faster than you’re supposed to die.

You’re Going To Die

In America, between 800,000 and 900,000 people are confirmed living with Aids. These numbers do not include the HIV+ or the people who have contracted it and don’t even know it yet. These numbers are pretty high. So it’s safe to say at least one person you know could be HIV+ or totally infected with AIDS. Seems small because it’s just one out of the few people you know but its one out of the few people that each of us knows. That makes it pretty normal to be HIV+ and nothing new to have contracted Aids.

We’re All Whores

The virus number inflates each year because the number of people who have unprotected sex increases by the day. According to numbers reported by World Contraception Day, 45% of teens admit they have had unprotected sex with a new partner. This means your daughter, yes the “little angel”, will more than likely intentionally sleep with a random guy without a condom while she is living in your house. Even though you think that is disrespectful your teen doesn’t. In her world, it is normal.

Numbers from various surveys get more and more horrific as you read them. 25% of men admit to having more than 25 sexual partners in their life. 33% of women admit to having 5-10 partners. We laugh about this stuff and casually sleep with each other. Then, most of us pretend to be so innocent. Truth is, if a whore is someone who has had sex with many sex partners then the new normal is to be a whore. 

More than 22 Million children in America live in Single Parent households. 86% of them are headed by mothers. Of them, 27% live in Poverty and 46% of them have two or more children. Maybe that’s why unprotected sex is not an issue anymore. From the looks of it, it is normal to have unprotected sex and raise more than two kids by yourself. Teens grow up in households and in communities where this is normal so by the time many become teens they feel it is normal to follow the same pattern. Mother at 35 is living with her daughter, who is 14, and they all live in “Madea’s” house. 

These “Normal” Numbers are even more annoying when Lifeway Research says more than 70% of Americans go to church every Sunday. Many admit to going once every now and then. Of the 22% who choose not to attend church, 89% of them claim to have one close friend who is Christian and attends church regularly. The numbers prove the overwhelmingly majority of people who don’t go to church may choose not to go because they don’t see enough evidence of Faith in the lives of their friends who do go to church.

Normal has made church a social club filled with many people who attend but neglect to use the lessons taught at church effectively in their everyday lives. Most of the unchurched (86% of them) say they believe they can have a “good relationship with God without belonging to a church.” 79% say “Christianity today is more about organized religion than loving God and loving people.”

Society has made church the new Sorority or Social Group so it’s now normal to go to church because you’re expected to go rather than going because it’s essential to go. When it was essential to the common person to attend church, Faith was obviously exhibited daily because most of the numbers which affect Americans negatively today were not even a factor 50 years ago.

Normal today is to follow the blueprint of the past. Go to high school. Then, go to college. Hopefully, you’ll find a good job daughter! Then you can be normal. But, The Adecco Job Placement Firm reported to Forbes magazine that 60% of American college graduates can not even find work in their fields. In result, 54% of recent college graduates end up starting their own businesses.

It means it is normal to do what everybody else does even if it’s not what you want to do. It’s abnormal to set a goal, achieve it, then employ others. Unemployment is high because it is normal now for people to receive government assistance while they wait on a job. It is quite uncommon and abnormal now to be the person who creates jobs.

In 2004, the National League of Cities (NLC) reported more than 60% of Americans do not believe in the American Dream anymore. 53% of African-Americans claim the American Dream is impossible.

Maybe normal is to live a Hopeless life. Dark. Without Vision. Normal people accept vulgarities in Entertainment because it mirrors their educational level. Normals live rehearsed routine lives because it is normal to live a routine and gain no progress. The Normal make no efforts to improve the world. The idea that the world is normal means they are satisfied with the world’s present conditions. These conditions don’t require them any extra effort on their behalf.

The worst thing a parent can do in the decline of today’s Optimism is to raise your child to be ‘Normal’. Our churches must become substantial again. Public Education has to take some radical and abnormal approaches. Parents will have to think out of the box and use unconventional methods to stay involved in their kid’s life. 

At one time it was popular to be in the in-crowd. To be accepted. To be Normal. Now, it just may be more productive to be abnormal. The numbers prove weird people are actually the elite. The norm is now anything dark and desolate lying on a path to self destruction.

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