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Stinky People: Odor Spots We Overlook

Manufacturers make billions of dollars each year from products which eliminate body odor. From deodorants to powders and lotions, people are willing to pay whatever the price is to eradicate the smell. Although major money is spent on these products, consumers would be amazed to find out the body parts which actually carry the most bizarre odors are never even maintained.

Odor derives from the mixing of perspiration and bacteria on the skin. When you see someone sweating it doesn’t mean they stink. Sweat is not an odor generator. The sweat secretion is broken down by the germs on the body. When they multiply and continue interacting with the perspiration then it creates the odor.
Usually when we think about sweat we think of the most physical moments that leave us recognizably sweaty. There are parts of the body which may not get as sweaty but they attract a lot of germs. With enormous amounts of germs in one place it only takes a small amount of perspiration to generate that smell that clears out a room.

Of course the mouth carries a tarty odor but that’s why we brush our teeth daily. Genital departments carry odor but they are also maintained daily. Surprisingly, there are some areas of the body which carry heavy odor and most people are unaware of how much odor they carry.

Hands are bacteria magnets. Hands touch people and hundreds of objects all day long. If we even wash our hands at all throughout the day it’s usually before we eat. However, as soon as we eat we continue touching objects and other hands for the rest of the day. Keep in mind also that most people don’t wash their hands affluently throughout the day. So, imagine how many nasty hands you touch. Even if you don’t touch their hands you receive things from them that their hands have touched. 

Fingernails are like little dirt huts. Most women at least manage their nails once or twice per month but men can can go months, sometimes seasons even, before grooming their fingers. Bacteria hides beneath the nails and sometimes the bacteria is so small it’s invisible to the naked eye. It gets hot and you begin sweating. The most common reflex is to wipe the sweat off your face or neck with your hands. Immediately, sweat connects with the bacteria and the odor is dispensed. You smell it but just assume it’s something in the air.

Each morning millions of people wash their face. The wet towel is gently swiped over the eyes, the nose, the lips, and the forehead but people tend to forget to wipe behind their ears. Most people take weeks and weeks to clean their ears out and behind the ear is bacteria island. Not only does is attract germs from the ear itself but it attracts dirt and germs from our hair. Because many people neglect to wipe behind their ears in the morning they actually leave the house with a small odor that hasn’t began to smell yet. As soon as the scalp begins to sweat a little the germs behind the ear receive the moisture before any other part of the head gets it. That little smell behind the ear is not tolerable when it erupts. 

Hair alone collects more dust than any other part of your body. It is always open and uncovered. It doesn’t even attract dust. Dust just seems to land on it. It’s in the air all around us but its so small it’s unnoticeable. The hair can carry severe odor because even though we bathe daily it is very common not to wash your hair daily. Sometimes men will go two to three days without washing their hair and women tend to go a whole week without washing their hair. Depending on the style, sometimes even longer. A weeks worth of germs and bacteria are in your hair. On top of that, count how many times a day you scratch your hair mixing in the fingernail germs with the germs which are already in the hair. That’s a recipe from Hell’s Kitchen.

We’re taught as children to bathe daily. However, most of us do an excellent job bathing our genital departments and scrubbing our legs and arms but that tiny hole in the center of the belly is often forgotten. The navel is the cemetery of the body. That dark hole will cause your whole body to smell like something crawled inside you and died. It will release inhuman odors and you’ll overlook it every time. It’s that area of the body that you have to actually dig down inside and clean out the dirt daily because it adds up quickly. By the time most people clean it out it has a month of dust collected.

Body Powder is a way of absorbing perspiration and toning down the odors. Sage tea is sometimes used under the arms. Chlorophyll tablets have been known to eliminate body toxins. Most importantly drinking enough water is the easiest resolution. Whatever method keeps you fresh is worth the attempt to better your personal hygiene. People will tell you when they like your outfit. They will even tell you when they like your change of hairstyle. They won’t tell you when you carry an odor. They tell others when you’re not around.


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