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Paddles Could Save Public Schools

While the number of Juvenile Crimes is still shockingly high, the quest for adequate solutions is an ongoing process in the Black Community. One major reason Public Systems are failing is because Parenting has become unpopular. Schools today are expected to be daycare facilities rather than Institutions of Higher Learning.

There are so many laws now which protect parents and students. Teachers continue to complain that modern regulations absolutely restricts them from being the type of instructors which produce the best results in our children.

Most adults remember getting whipped at school. It’s the most humbling experience any child will experience in grade school. The teacher catches the student being unruly and she has to do something about it. So, she gets that thing out of her desk drawer called a paddle. A few strikes across the backside in front of the class seemed to always eradicate misbehavior.

Not only did the paddle calm the misbehavior of the kid who was being unruly but it was also a significant sign to everyone else in the classroom of what misbehavior would profit them as well. Seeing someone else in trouble always has a way of making you think twice before doing what they did to gain punishment.

Humiliation was the most crucial ingredient of the disciplinary process. Humiliation hurts more than the act itself. Fussing at most young people doesn’t work unless you have one of those kids with really gentle feelings. You know the kids who cry if they even think someone is upset. Yea, not your kids. ‘Dem other ones! Most kids simply do not get it that easily.

Parenting Changed

Parents have changed over the years. Before the 80s, Corporal Punishment was a normal way to discipline. It was the most common practice of correction in homes, schools, and even in Sunday school classrooms. Then, if you were spanked away from home, the authority would tell your parent you had to be spanked. When you came home from school your parent’s had already received a call from the school which set you up for another whipping at home. Sounds like a lot of whipping huh? Crimes among youth were extremely lower during those times.

Before the 80s, if you went to a Juvenile Detention Center you had done something completely outrageous. You had to have set a house on fire, robbed someone at gunpoint, vandalized a public building, or at least harmed another citizen. Since then, young people have invented new forms of delinquency. During the 50s and 60s, a kid would have never brought guns to school and randomly shot at other students. In the early 40s, a kid would never be caught selling cocaine right on the campus. 

Young people misconduct themselves so casually now because they know punishment has to go through so many channels before it can be handed to them. Most times, it just results with expulsion, which is something they find rewarding. 

Law Suits

If a school administrator hits a student, it’s not just a parent meeting with the teacher. Today, it’s a lawsuit. If a principal yanks a student and aggressively places him back in line not only has he broken the rules in most school systems but he will probably get beat up by the kid who will nine times out of ten be protected by the law. If the faculty touched the student with aggression the student will hide behind self defense and will get away with it.

Most parents have no idea who their children become in the classroom. What parent doesn’t think their little girl is an angel or that their son is a young gentleman. Who would ever believe that little angel is the ring leader of a lot of the campus confrontations? The little gentleman provokes teachers to their highest point of anger because he knows if they touch him he can get them fired. The kid knows you’ll believe whatever they say and most times their perspectives are blown out of proportion.

When the Paddle was employed in the classrooms and in the homes, less disturbances occurred in the classrooms and in neighborhoods. Beyond the classroom, in most urban neighborhoods everyone was your “family”. So, if the father across the street saw you doing something out of line he knew he had complete authorization to correct you. Your parent wouldn’t dare come out and file a lawsuit against the neighbor. If anything, your parent would tell the neighbor, “Thank You, ’cause my boy knows better than acting like that.”

Today, Corporal Punishment is still legal in about 28 states in America. Most school systems just choose not to implement it into their correctional curriculum because they have attracted many law suits from parents. Many of today’s parents don’t spank at home and they are totally against spanking their children for anything. If they don’t do it, they are definitely not going to tolerate someone else doing it to their child.

Tigers Downtown

While we dance around what is fair and what is an unfair practice of discipline for our kids, crime among inner city youth has now merged with violent crimes that are usually committed by adults. The public schools are failing because Discipline is limited. Isn’t it the school system’s responsibility to prepare young people for the real world though?

We are not correctly preparing a kid for the real world by teaching him he can misbehave and get away with it. In the real world, misbehavior earns a brutal punishment. In the real world, misbehavior may cost a kid his life. If parents aren’t going to correctly parent their own kids, shouldn’t the school system use the best disciplinary action to reform an unruly kid before releasing him to the world with an untamed attitude and disrespect for authority? It’s like letting a tiger out of a cage in the middle of downtown and expect the tiger to abide by civil laws.

Truth is, whether you are for or against corporal punishment it will affect you in one way or another. The next time you go in a convenient store real quick to get a Pepsi there is a great chance on any give day the store could be robbed at gunpoint. Your privilege to Peace and Prosperity will be instantly interrupted by a person who was probably never whipped with a paddle as a kid.

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