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Newborns Reverse Minority Numbers

In Dr. Martin Luther King’s popular address he says, “I have a dream that one day little black girls and little white girls will someday hold hands with each other.” Yet, in America’s continuous fight for equality true equality seemed impossible as long as blacks were the minority and whites more the majority.

According to recent reports from the U.S. Census, by 2040 the position of the races will reverse. 

Each year the number of African-American babies and other Non-White (Hispanic and Asian mostly) babies have continued to increase. Experts have been watching the trend over the past ten years. Latest Census numbers show minority births rose to 50.4% in 2011. The numbers mark the first time in American History that minority births have surpassed the mark of their white counterparts.

There are many factors to consider. For instance, the numbers prove whites have had fewer babies than Blacks and all other Non-Whites. However, the numbers also show that Whites are now the Minority in more than 348 American Counties/Parishes. 

Since 2000, there’s been an increase of more than 5 Million Hispanic School Age kids opposed to a drop by more than 3 Million White School Age Kids. Strikingly interesting though, Whites go on to attend college and own businesses by twice the number of today’s Minorities.
It’s important to look deeper into the Roots of these statistics. They give a colorful description of where we are and where we will stand as a nation if our Urban Domestic core problems do not become an immediate urgency.
Minorities seem to have much irresponsible sex. Black and Hispanic Culture freely exploits Sexuality and proudly promotes the irresponsible use of sex in much of their Entertainment. The message is clear that the repercussions are never considered.
More than 75% of music by Minorities contain lyrics promoting Sexual Behavior. While music is not the sole reason for the high number of minority teenagers who get pregnant it should hold a great amount of the responsibility.
According to the Guttmacher Institute, in 2006 Black Women had the highest unintended pregnancy rate of any racial or ethnic groups. It was more than double that of non-Hispanic white women. 49% of the pregnancies in America are unintended.
Whites are obviously planning their pregnancies more responsibly and it’s obvious their parenting decisions mirror the economy. If you’re having a hard time taking care of the kids you already have it is absolutely irresponsible to keep having more of them. Blacks and other Non-Whites do not factor kids in to  longterm goals. The numbers show Minorities have kids for no reason at all and it is quite common to have kids by two or three different men.
Naturally, Blacks and Hispanics tend to have bigger families though. However, what is the use of bigger families if they are all looking for jobs? The numbers also piggyback off the American trend that Whites attend college 2 times the amount of Blacks and Hispanics. The number is tripled when it comes to Business Ownership. So it looks like the Family Reunions are big but most of the family is dependent  on Whites for their jobs and careers.
The Structure of the American Families are completely different. White people obviously have children and teach them the family business. So, their wealth transcends generations. If they don’t teach them the family business they definitely teach them how to go into business for themselves. There is no break in wealth in most white families with a history of wealth. 

For example, very rarely will you find the Wealthy White grandfather, Wealthy White Dad, then the poor White Son. If you do, usually the son has pulled away from the family or the family has cut him off.  It is different in the black community. Because there has been a lack of opportunity for minorities in American until recent decades, wealth is not as easy to pass down. Most blacks throughout history have lived in Poverty without the privileges provided to many of their white counterparts. 

However, this is no reason for blacks to continue to live in Lack. There are millions of opportunities available today that were not available 30 years ago. It must become a priority for African-Americans to reverse the Poverty statistics because if these Birth trends continue like they are expected to in about 30 more years Minorities will become the overall Majority in America.

Affirmative Action will be reversed. It will apply to Whites instead of Non-Whites. Most of the Welfare and Government Assistance may be acquired by Whites rather than Non-Whites. Public Housing will be occupied mostly by Whites instead of Non-Whites.

The tragedy in the whole projection is that Blacks and Hispanics will become the Majority but many will still have a Minority mindset. Many will still live in a state of Minority even though they will statistically be the Majority. 

If Education and Entrepreneurship isn’t embraced today by Minority Americans in 30 years they will overpopulate Whites but will still have to work for them. 

Truthfully, the only benefit in being the Minority are exemptions and Government Assistance. Maybe being the Minority has been a constant crutch for minorities. How will minorities continue to fight inequality if they are the Majority but have just neglected to excel in power? Will it still be considered inequality or will it simply be the lack of commitment among Minorities to produce for themselves?

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