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Just Say Hello

As people around the world continue to sort out differences and learn to relate with each other, we usually find out we have more in common than we realize. 

For instance, the first thing most people do when they wake up in the morning is use the bathroom. That’s not a race thing or a gender thing. It’s a human thing. We all have that in common. Most of us have sitting in traffic. That’s not racial at all. It is human.
Dislikes Are The Same

Nobody of any race likes to be robbed or taken advantage of. There is no comfort in feeling powerless. This is a struggle that many blacks have endured for years. Blacks feel White people in America don’t understand the wealth struggle as they do. Crime and Lack of Development in the Black Community hinders a lot of black communities from financially evolving. Most Whites don’t have to deal with it on a daily basis because Economic Development is never a problem in majority White Communities. 

On the other hand, White People are just as bothered by Black on Black Crime as blacks are. Many of them don’t understand why young black men seem so violent. When they cut on the news and they see black men killing each other daily, it can be very frightening and very easy to mentally stereotype black men. What most White people don’t realize is, Black People hate it just as much. Most Blacks don’t understand it either. Truth is, Black On Black Crime is not a reflection of Black People but rather a reflection of Poverty. Crime is the offspring of Poverty. If more Blacks live in Poverty struck communities than Whites, then most of the crime will naturally be done by Blacks.

Black People have a general impression of White People as well. Most Black People believe All White People have it easier than they do. It’s a train of perception passed down among blacks since slavery. When blacks cut on the news, they see mostly White people handling major corporations and controlling the wealth of the world. So, quite naturally, it’s just as easy for Blacks to stereotype All White People to have access to better living. Truth is, there are more White People on Welfare in America than Blacks.

Hispanics are believed to All be illegal. It is common for most people to see a large group of Hispanics together and instantly think they all live together. It is a bold stereotype birthed from the conclusion of few examples. Whites and Blacks are quick to find something wrong with Hispanics living together but it is just as common for two and three generations of Blacks to all live in the Family House at the same time. It is also very common for rich white kids to never leave the nest. 

Most of our differences stem from miscommunication. The more people interact with each other the more we learn about each other. Segregation is still alive in America but today it’s mostly a mental choice claimed by every citizen. We speak to each other just long enough to be cordial without ever really learning anything about each other. We can work with each other on our jobs but it is quite common in the workplace for races to cordially speak to each other but silently lean more toward the people they have taken time to know. Usually, they are of the same race.

Most Whites don’t know much about the Black Community because they seldom have to visit it. Most Blacks don’t know much about White families because many Blacks still see an invisible wall that was established during Slavery. ‘White People’s family business is their business. Stay out of it.’  

Hispanics and Asians are so ostracized by Blacks and Whites that it makes their own community trust each other even more. They have to stick together because they don’t really believe America is equally theirs. Most other races do a great job of making them feel like aliens.

Conversation is the path to hearing a person’s heart. On the TV Reality Show, Undercover Boss, the big boss wears the costume of an employee and works for his own company. During the Big Boss’ voyage into the inner operations of his company he always meets the common man and is surprised at what people are dealing with in their daily struggles. Conversations with people he may have never paid any attention to at all prompts him to help.

Stereotypes are generated from Ignorance. People really just don’t know any better. If we weren’t so easily offended by human observation we’d solve a lot of issues in one conversation. One conversation can plant the seed which could open another person’s mind and broaden their perspectives. One by one we have the power to eradicate stereotypes and plant thoughts that will redirect the future of humanity. 

Most times hate is just the response to fear. The unknowing scares us so we automatically defend ourselves with hate as our first choice weapon. It’s possible to defeat hate and racism with an Idea. The American Dream is an idea that millions have bought into. Imagine millions buying into the idea that the world depends on our ability to co-exist. The world fails to improve in many ways because not everyone believes we need to co-exist. 

We are uniquely different yet particularly the same. We have a desire to love and a strong desire to be loved. Most people will take the initiative to help another person if they feel they are qualified to do so. The inner network of hearts connect even our hard heads prompt us differently. When we harm each other with a clear conscience we are not human anymore. 

We all know someone who is on the verge of a financial breakdown. We all know somebody who is in dying need of our blood type. We all know someone who is looking for a job. We all know somebody who is very skilled but hasn’t a clue how to get to the next level. 

Each of us have the missing ingredient to another person’s lack just as someone else has the missing link to yours. Global problems take forever to resolve because even though we are all connected to each other we don’t even know it. Skin colors frighten us from just saying hello and a simple hello could be the gateway to solving the biggest problem in your life.

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