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The Russian Roulette Effect: Malcolm X

Sometimes, when you watch movies you have to pay attention to the words that are being spoken behind the words you hear from the actors in the scene. The script is talking but these words aren’t heard by your ears. These words can only be heard by your mind.

In the movie, Malcom X, Denzel Washington was preparing his team of thieves. One guy, because of his intellect and inside connections, figured he would be the leader of their crooked operation. Malcom wasn’t going to allow anyone to boss him around. So, he decides to test this new guy in front of the others to prove he wasn’t capable of being their leader.

He takes bullets out of his pocket and places them on the table. One by one, he lines them up in front of the whole group. At this point, the others are becoming a little weary of his intentions because they believed he was capable of anything. He had developed a reputation of going over the edge.
He put only one of the bullets in the chamber and closed it. While mentally challenging the new guy he asks him if he feels he is capable of leading them. Before the new guy could even answer Malcom had pointed the gun at his own head and attempted to play Russian Roulette. Looking this guy directly in his face, without even hesitating, he pulls the trigger. The empty shell produces a small snap but it was enough to prove to everyone at the table that he was crazy enough to kill himself.

If pulling the trigger once wasn’t enough, he pulled the trigger at his own head again. Then, he walks over to the new guy and asks him again if he was capable of leading the team. The new fella looked as if he had just wet his pants but Malcom gets even more hysterical. He takes the gun and points it at the new guy’s nose and pulls the trigger. Another empty shell. 

After being tormented and scared enough, the new guy announced he wasn’t capable of leading them. He feared for his life. Even though Malcom’s actions were radical and dangerous his biggest point was made subliminally. If you have a plan be willing to die for it. Until you are willing to die for what you believe in somebody else will always power over your ambitions. The only people who are truly free are those who are willing to lay their life on the line for their dreams.

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