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I Want That Apple: How To Handle Temptation

It’s there and it’s in arm’s reach. It’s human nature to try to touch it. Even if touching has consequences, the average person will try to touch it anyway.

The Tempter

Biblical Believers believe humans were first tempted in the Garden of Eden. It’s the message in that wonderful Bible Story most people are taught as kids. God tells the man and the woman not to eat off the Tree of Knowledge. The man falls asleep and the woman is tempted by a snake in the tree to eat the fruit even though she was told not to. She eats the fruit and story has it, that moment birthed sin into what we have come to know as the world.

Most people believe the snake tempted her to eat of the tree but did the snake really tempt her or instigate the temptation which was already there?

The snake only told her why she should follow the temptation. She was hungry and there is actually nothing wrong with her eating fruit to satisfy her hunger except she was told by God not to eat off that particular tree. Seeing the fruit on that tree tempted her ONLY because she wanted it anyway. The snake just instigated her disobedient desires.

The Worst Enemy Lives Inside

It makes a very good foundation that our worst enemy is not a man with pointed ears and a long tail who lives below us dressed in all red. In fact, he is about as real as the Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause. However, there is a negative element in our existence which seems to continue to war with the positive elements of this world.

A spirit has no flesh. They gain power within flesh. It’s like that old movie Gremlins. They couldn’t even reproduce themselves without water. So it became their mission to get to water to multiply themselves. Spirits know they can’t cause change in this world without able bodies transporting them. So, they look for able bodies to multiply their efforts.

Your worst enemy is not the person on your job who bothers you daily. Your worst enemy is not the family member who persistently tries to tear you down. Your worst enemy is not the spouse who lies and cheats on you. In fact, they are only the able bodies being controlled by the same enemy. He has multiplied and now exists within millions at one time, including yourself.

Thank Goodness

There is a balance in the Earth by the stability of negative versus positive. For every negative force there must be a positive force which balances it out. If not, the whole Earth would be negative and obviously the whole Earth isn’t positive. Each individual must decide for himself if he’ll be consumed by Goodness or Evilness.

The one you choose to submit to will have power over your thinking and your understanding. The one you reject will do anything to get in. If you choose Evil, Goodness will always present itself as an opportunity for you to change. If you choose Goodness, Evil will always lurk near you giving you the opportunity to change otherwise.

Controlling The Other One

The force you choose to submit to will be challenged every minute of your life. The other one is looking for a gateway to control you. The best way to control the force you’ve rejected is to know it’s purpose and be the Goalie that will prevent it from scoring.

A man doesn’t cheat on his wife because he is weak. He cheats on his wife because he has been weakened. There is a difference. Being weak means you don’t have the capability to control the opposing force. Weakened means the opposing force has already taken control over your mind.

Your apple could be that nice looking person who keeps giving you the eye across the room who doesn’t care about the ring on your finger. Your apple could be that piece of cake on the counter that will mess up the diet that you’ve done so well committing to. Your apple could be the shoe store that calls your name when you walk pass the show window. It forces you to spend money that you don’t have.

When you see your apple, understand it’s purpose. It wants Goodness out of you. Don’t you hear your snake in your head trying to reason with you the moment you are standing in front of that apple? He tells you why it’s not going to hurt or why the world is not going to end if you just let go this one time.

Negative Energy doesn’t care about your Innergy. As a matter of fact, it wants to modify your Innergy; in a negative way. Your spirit is the Security System for your Life. If you know an intruder has been breaking in other homes in your neighborhood you’d be dumb to have a security system yet neglect to turn it on.


When a person signs up for the Military, the first thing the military does is modify his mind. You are no longer available to exterior concerns. Your whole world will change from the inside out. You will think like they think in the Military. You will walk like they walk in the Military. You will talk like they talk in the Military. Outside practices and past concerns are not accepted on base. 

The minute you enter the first thing they do is discipline you. Recruits have to be instantly disciplined  because they know you were not effectively disciplined on the outside. They can’t take for granted that your temptations and weaknesses are under control. So, they train you to control your apples.


It’s not easy for anyone to ignore the burning desires from within. These desires are built within you by the Evil beyond you. That evil builds strength in your weaknesses and gives them a platform to attempt to overtake you. If you haven’t completely disciplined yourself and totally committed to Goodness, it is very easy for temptations to over-take you.

For every area in which you are tempted you must place something positive in its place. It’s like when you have a hole in the wall from a nail. Before you can paint that wall again you must fill in those nail holes with a substance called Putty. Once the wall is leveled again new paint won’t seep through. Once your desires have been filled new desires won’t seep through.

If your weakness is an ex-lover, you don’t really let go of them until you have put a new friend or a new job or a new hobby in the ex’s place. It’s why they have the gum for people who want to quit smoking and Diet Cokes for people who are dieting but love the taste of Coke. Something has to replace the hole. If you leave it open, either what you rejected will come back to the hole or you leave yourself open for new apples that may prove to be worse than the apple you had at first.

Mind Over Matter

Your mind is a computer.Literally. Take a minute to process everything that happens in your life. If this happens know it will cause that to happen. If I do that it will cause this. If I don’t do this then that will probably happen. If I do it this way then that may happen. If I give in to my apple I know the consequences before hand. Many of us are caught up because we are ignorant to what is really going on.

See it before it happens. Know it before it occurs. Plan ahead of time what you will do and say when the temptation is presented to you. By the time it happens, you have already seen yourself overcoming it and surviving. Learn to champion what causes us to fall so easily by getting to the battlefield before the opponent even shows up.  

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