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“You’re not going to be laying around here playing on that Internet all day Emmanuel. You need to get up and go get a job!”

That’s what Emmanuel Hudson’s mother often yelled at him when he and his brother would dedicate countless hours into what she thought was ‘playing on the Internet.’ She, like most parents, was not well informed on how valuable a large Social Network following can be.

She and her husband were raising 8 kids. Being a dead beat was not an option in their home. She and her husband were serious about Education and Commitment to Excellence.


There was a time when parents would prepare their kids to be professional athletes. If you knew your son could run you had to put him in a Little League Football Program or something that would shape him to be potential candidate for the Big League one day. 

Kids who play Sports well are pushed to practice daily. Some practice before school and after school. Then, when they get home they are playing their sport even more with neighborhood friends. They never stop cultivating their athletic abilities.

Well, today, there is a new Sport in town. It’s called Social Networking. If you play this game right, your league can be even greater than the professional Sports Leagues. Due to the many successes of stars who were discovered on Facebook and MySpace, if you have talent you don’t need a local talent show. The world is your audience. All you have to do is show them what you got.

Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook amidst college friends who called him a geek for the hours he dedicated to building his Facebook following. Tom Anderson was laughed at by people who thought his MySpace plan would never work. Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson were told they were wasting their time when they took YouTube and made it work for their benefit. 

Just A Video

“I never saw myself as a Comedian. We are Entertainers. It started with a local buzz for sure but we never thought it would develop into something this large,” said Emmanuel Hudson, 21, the oldest of the two YouTube geniuses. “We just wanted to put up a video to show girls what we felt about the way they act sometimes.”

That video, “Ratchet Girl”, has been viewed by more than 25 Million people around the world. In one year their videos have gone from being seen just in their city to countries that don;t even speak English. It was just a video until something strange happened to them. “We were in a city and young lady walked up to my brother and slapped him. She just hauled off and slapped him because she was so excited to see him,” said Phillip,19, the younger brother of the duo. “We knew then that it wasn’t just a video. People were drawn into the videos and they loved our work.”

“Ratchet is just a person who is over the top. It could even be a dude as well. People who take their styles, their attitude, or even their hair a little too far,” Phillip explains.

One day you upload a video then a few weeks later a few million people have not only laughed at it and shared it on their own pages but they know the words to the songs and you’ve become an overnight celebrity. “It still feels unreal to us,” Phillip says. The brothers make special appearances at High Schools across the country and they are greeted by screaming girls who know the words to their songs and would do anything to take a picture with them or get autographs.

Their success proves everything we believe about America. If we believe in it enough it will come true. “Although the songs are funny and the videos are popular we hope people get the message,” said Emmanuel. Phillip explained that their video “Questions” was actually an advice video. “Guys don’t like to be in relationships that lack trust. No man wants to be with a woman who questions everything he does. Where you been? Who were you with? Let me see your phone? That stuff shows insecurity,” said Phillip.

Not Working A 9 to 5

“We were prepared for success but we never imagined anything like this,” said Phillip. “We are ready for the next level but everyday we are surprised by new opportunities placed in our lap.”

People are motivated in many different ways. Some are motivated by Degrees. Others are motivated by Death. Some people are motivated by their Religious Beliefs. Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson claim they were motivated by Poverty.

Emmanuel remembers having a conversation with his mother. “Mom, I know you want me to get off the computer but I am working. Trust me. I am working. I am building something here mama.” He said she understood she was just being the concerned mother that she is but she has always supported anything within reason that kept her kids focused on their dreams. Soon, she began allowing her sons to fine tune their innovative gifts and gave them the support they needed.

“I’m not working no 9 to 5 mama,” said Emmanuel. He remembers many nights praying that God would open doors so people would take his ideas seriously. “The one thing that stops people from going higher is that they neglect to take God seriously. They need Jesus. Seriously. I know what God told me. I wasn’t trying to hear what nobody else was saying. God made me a promise and I was going to trust Him. That’s what my mama taught me to do.”

They remember people telling them they would never be anything and they were wasting their time. People even told them they were dumb for making their videos. “We spoke it and God confirmed it and me and my brother never turned back.”

The Teacher Tried To Stop Me

Emmanuel was enrolled in Albany University. Phillip is a student at Clayton University. Both schools are in the Atlanta region where they grew up. Emmanuel remembers the school trying to force him to attend a Saturday course and he rejected the schedule change.

“I promised my mama I would dedicate my weekdays to school and I did that. But they were trying to take my Saturdays from me and I was not having it,” said Emmanuel. “I told the teacher I don’t want a Saturday Class because that’s the only day I have to work on my music and videos.”

Bluffing him, the teacher asked him to perform in front of the class assuming he would flop and be the laughing stock but the teachers and the students received him well. “He made everyone in the class look at me and told the whole lecture hall to look at a man who was going to be great.” Exactly one year later, Emmanuel and his brother have surpassed 70 Million YouTube viewers and their Twitter trends reach over 50 Million.

“I know celebrities attempt to talk about God because it is the cliche thing to do but I am telling you seriously even if you don’t believe in God He believes in you,” Emmanuel testifies. 

The World

An operation that began in their mother’s home in Atlanta is now a Global Operation. They are visiting parts of the world they have never even heard of. They have released a single for their first video, “Ratchet Girl” and it is instantly popular on urban stations around the country. The single is available on iTunes and the video is rotation on the networks. Emmanuel reflects, “I said it when I had nothing and I still say it now. I refuse to be broke another day in my life.”

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  1. because yall had faith in God that he will make a way yall made it & thas a blessing , i love everyone of yall videos especially question part 2 . Keep doing a great job no matter what anyone says , yall have a great gift & if i could do what yall do ill be posting videos right now . I love yall & I hope i can meet yall one day .

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