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Brian McKnight Records A Vulgar Video

No sense in getting upset. This is how much the black music culture has been degraded. It’s not new. You’re just not used to hearing it from an artist like Brian McKnight.

Got Doggit, Brian… Why?

I mean, seriously. Don’t we all just loooove a good Brian McKnight song? “My shadowed dreams and broken heart are mending on a shelf, I saw you, standing there holding hands with someone else, Now I sit all alone, wishing all my feelings were gone… Gotta get over you, There’s nothing for me to do but have one last cry.”

THAT IS MY ______! (See, your mind is in the gutter. I was gonna say “Jam”! lol)

Let’s get to the point. In every fabric of my Spirituality I feel this is a huge mistake. For the Integrity of Art, this is a huge mistake. For the Honor in our Culture, this is a mistake. We have enough idiots yelling profanity and vulgarities in our music. We don’t need our most elite artists stooping this low.

Nobody can listen to the song and say it’s not jamming. It’s Brian McKnight. He could sing the ABC’s and we’d go buy that. The boy just has a way with notes and runs that he can make nursery rhymes sound good. So, let’s not twist his vocal abilities with the lack of dignity he is displaying in this particular song idea.

He said it was for adults. Honestly, no music is for adults. Adults don’t buy records anymore. Kids do. College students buy music. People who are 40 and 50+ seldom buy music anymore. You can’t download 8-Tracks!  (lol)  A song like this will instantly be memorized by our kids. We should not promote music that offers the lowest description of romance and love.

It’s already bad enough you can’t listen to 90% of the songs on the radio with your kids in the car. If they aren’t saying “Pop It”, then they are saying “Bust It Open.”  But even that is not as dirty and low down as “Let Me Show You How Your Pussy Works.”

Then, what just screetches the chalk board of my mind is when he adds… “Bet you didn’t know it could squirt.”

WHAT? Brian, are you serious? Who wrote these lyrics for you, Luther Campbell from the 2 Live Crew?

Tell Rick Ross to go get his drugs back from Brian McKnight and tell Nicki Minaj to quit giving him song ideas. This is unacceptable coming from him and those of us who have been fans for years should sound off and let him know, We Won’t Buy It!

But who am I kidding? This song will be #1 as soon as it drops because that’s the level of ignorance that has become what we consider hit material. We should’ve saw this coming when we allowed R. Kelly to release “Feelin On Your Booty” a long time ago.

There is no poetic nature in love music anymore. Where are the relationship songs? Where are the old Neo Soul REAL adult songs?

“Let’s Take A Long Walk Around The Block After Dark… Conversation, Verbal Elation!” When Jill Scott made that song it attracted GROWN FOLKS!

“I won’t be neglected. I won’t be denied. The pleasure of your kisses. The Pleasure of your smile!” Anita Baker wrote that for GROWN FOLKS!

If this song becomes a hit, in which if it is released I believe it will, it will send a message to younger R&B artists who are already misdirected that this is what is expected of them if they want to make hit records. We are setting ourselves up for failure and it won’t effect you now. The trend will catch on by the time your little girl becomes a teenager. Thanks to Brian McKnight, by then, it will popular for her to be a singer but she’ll be using the word dick in her ballads.

Brian McKnight, take this stupid video down and make a public apology to millions of your fans who want to hear you sing about the value of women. Not the value of their body parts. Then go find your mother and apologize to her for disrespecting the Integrity that we all know she embedded into you and your Take 6 brothers.

Don’t give up on him. The enemy looks for our most talented and influential people at their weakest moments and make them vulnerable. Brian just needs to be reminded he is more than that and we won’t accept him operating beneath his Integrity level.


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  1. Outdone is all I can say. Am I surprised – I really don’t know because it goes to show just how far into the pit we can go…. what hurts is the level of influence coming from him and just WHO HE IS… idk…I’m feeling some kinda way about this…and I don’t know if its mad – but it ain’t alright

    • Yea this really works your nerve. At first I tried to be reasonable but I just couldn’t find any logical way to be reasonable about it. It’s tasteless! Ain’t no way around telling the truth!

  2. I saw folks tweeting about this so I went to watch the video and I thought it was a prank but he was actually SERIOUS!!! All I could say was WOW!!!!!!!!! You are right this shows how low and raunchy music has become. Give me some old school any day! Luther Vandross, Stephanie Mills, Anita Baker…etc… The enemy is just showing out now simply because he knows that most people will think this type of music is the best thing going right now.

    I’m disappointed and I’m like you I hope that Brian McKnight will see that this will be a HUGE mistake if he goes forward with this song. SMH!

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