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Tupac Is Not Dead

Whether you want to believe it or not, Infamous King of Thug Life, Tupac Shakur is not dead.  “But they had a funeral and…” Yea Yea Yea. I know they had a funeral. Trust me, he is not dead.

This past weekend at the Coachella Concert, rappers Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre., 50 Cent, and Eminem were joined on stage by Tupac Shakur. This rapper has been dead for over a decade but everyone in the audience at this event saw him perform on stage.

Aftermath, Dr. Dre’s company, used the same technology that game makers use to create the Hologriphic Experience most commonly familiar in Wii and XBox Kinect Game Systems. The new technology can almost make you believe you are looking at a real person on the screen. If the technology can produce a humanized image on a screen it should also be able to do the same thing on a huge stage, right?

Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg proved it could be done. Looking at the Hologram of Tupac on stage was like watching the rapper perform in real life. He walked from corner to corner. He rapped on beat and spoke to the crowd. He yelled out chants and words that did not exist during his reign as Hip-Hop King. It was almost too realistic to be a Hologram.

The movie, The Illusionist, shared the possibility of this a few years ago. The movie showed a talented Edward Norton as an Illusionist who brought people back from the dead and had them speak to crowds on stage. They were Holograms but the people in the audience really believed they were Spirits returned to Life as we know it. The fact that this movie could produce it for us to see it in a movie is proof that it can be done.

Tupac on that stage at the Coachella Concert mesmerized the world so much that videos from the event have been searched almost a million times in one weekend, mostly because the technology is so unbelievable but also because hundreds of millions of people are not ready to accept the rapper is dead.

Christians believe Jesus is alive. We were not there for the Crucifixion or the Resurrection. None of us alive today touched his hands as the bible explains Thomas, a follower of Christ, had the opportunity to do after Jesus had resurrected. No man living today sat in the Upper Room when he appeared to the Disciples but ALL Christians believe He is not dead.

We, because I profess Christianity, believe He rose from the dead and His Spirit is alive in each believer who professes Him.  We don’t see him naturally but we see the evidence of His Living Spirit in the world.

Those who believe Tupac isn’t dead actually have that same reasoning. They believe he never died in the first place. But even if he did die, and I believe he did, isn’t it almost the same reasoning. His “thuggisms” and the lifestyle he portrayed has continued on in his spirit. His sound and his followers have certainly multiplied since he died. His word and his lyrics have surely been “life” to people who believe in him as a prophet.

This Hologram only gives his followers a Vision to go along with his spirit that they continue to carry within them.

Tupac was in no way the Anti-Christ. He believed in God and Jesus, according to his lyrics. As a matter of fact in a freakish way, he was more of a prophet to the dying world than most ministers are today. He was unashamed of his faults and failures and used every part of his life as a roadmap to what he considered a “Thug Heaven”.

With advanced technology like this, it will only be a matter of time before every popular deceased person will make special appearances on stage. Elvis will perform at a Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Event. Marvin Gaye will make a grand appearance at the BET Awards. Kurt Cobain will show up at the MTV Awards. Michael Jackson will make an appearance somewhere on Earth Day and who knows… maybe Clive Davis will host a special Grammy Party hosted by Whitney Houston.

Who gets the royalties for these appearances. Truthfully, the real artist is on stage. They are walking, talking, performing, and doing a whole show. They should get paid for that.

It brings up an open discussion, How Dead Is Dead?

Does an influence really die? Believers certainly don’t believe Jesus is dead. Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. fans don’t believe either is dead. As long as these artists have new cds coming out, books and movies, and now Hologram concerts… How Dead Is Dead?

Record Labels can actually make more money off dead artists with influence than living artists. Can you imagine how many people would pay to see a Live Hologram Concert, like this one, of their favorite artists? The artist would move, walk, talk, sing, and go back and forth with the audience just as he would alive. Man, I’d pay $100 easily to go to a Bob Marley Hologram concert right now!

When the public pays for these events, being that the artist is actually dead, there is nobody to pay. It’s not a real image so it’s not like the company is prostituting the artist without pay. Seeing real artists of today would become less important. The Hologram experience would be a greater sell mainly because you wouldn’t have to go to a concert. You’ll be able to go to a site and download which Hologram you want to perform at your event. If you have the equipment, that will eventually be the size of a Wii, you’ll catch the experience just like watching a Power Points Display in a Conference Room. For $1500 you can get Teddy Pendergrass and Gerald Levert at your next Family Reunion.

Technology of the future is going to be so advanced that you’ll be able to record yourself for playback after you’re dead. It’s going to be part of your daily obligation. Record yourself for your child’s wedding or graduation just in case you are dead on that day. Record yourself for future business ventures to tell remaining partners what your vote would be on any specific situation that may arrive. Right now you can do these things by video but these will drastically change when you are right there in the room sitting, talking, and looking in the face of another person.

We are not too far away from this type of technology. In many ways, I believe it is already available but maybe not “available”… if you know what I mean.

Newt Gingrich is trying to build another state on the moon. You can talk to your car now and tell it to start. Your computer is now a tablet. Vacuum Cleaners can now survey the size of your room with built in monitors and then vacuum the whole house with you not even being in the house. The new Lexus parallel parks on its own.  You can watch a 3D movie in your living room.

And it seems as though now, we can even raise the dead.


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  1. Phenomenal writing! I could not help but to abstract this Holographic experience with how Christians are trusted with the projection of Christ in the earth. I wonder if the world is as convinced about the reality of Christ as the projection of Tupac on a stage. I wonder if believers in the pews have the same sincerity and connectivity that the attendees of the concert felt while watching this hologram. I wonder if believers of this generation in Christ Jesus display His “mannerisms” as well as the world displays the, “thuggisms” and the lifestyle of deceased rappers? One thing is for sure, everybody seems to be raising the dead, but the Church. I sure hope Heaven has a Ghetto…

  2. Amazing what technology can achieve, and with big profits at stake it will no doubt be utilised. How long will it be before the new Michael Jackson tour is announced?

  3. all i have to say it woooooooooow!!!!

  4. Reblogged this on Diary of a Sagittarius and commented:
    courtesy of Roosevelt Wright, III ( – all i have to say is woooooooooow! read this article in its entirety and please share it.

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