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So, my family is in Ponchatoula, LA for the International Strawberry Festival. This town, a New Orleans suburb, attracts people from all over the world every year for this festival.

The town itself only has 6,000 residents but this event draws nearly a half of a million people.

Most of the proceeds do not benefit the poor but it does benefit the entire city greatly.

Hope Of Salvation COGIC Youth decided to take the power into their own hands. They’ve been struggling to build a new sanctuary for years but the youth decided it was time for this festival to make sense and cents!

Since they own a large body of land near the festival they offered parking and a free shuttle for a $10 donation. The youth made crafts and sold snacks for $1 to contribute to their church family. The young adults drove the church vans as shuttles from their land to the festival, a mile away.

I thought this was remarkable. While we were on the shuttle, Ed the driver, was excited to share their church’s hopeful plans. He was very kind and gave everyone on the shuttle his cellphone number. “If u get lost or if you’re in danger call our church. We’re here to make your experience in our city a great one!”

Their warmth and welcoming Spirit was a blessing to witness. If I were lost and seeking God this church would have made me believe this is how everyone in the Kingdom represents the Integrity of God!


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