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Taking The LACK Out Of BLACK

It made absolutely no sense for young Trayvon Martin to be gunned down by a neighborhood watchman. Cries of injustice were heard all over the world as people of all races vented at the mishandling of this case.

Rallies and Protests broke out in Florida and were mirrored all over the country. On Social Sites such as Facebook and Twitter, young people all over the world put on their Hoodies to show support. Skittles made a lot of money due to young people posting pictures of themselves holding Skittles in the same hand which Trayvon held them when he was shot to death.

While Rallies and Protests are an outlet to express our collective anger, since the 60s they haven’t proven to prompt us to be enthusiastic in the Aftermath. A Rally has no point if people leave still disengaged from the greater Cause.

When people see injustice they want their feelings to be heard.  Racial Injustice is the worst of the Injustice Family. Racial Injustice has a way of bringing out the worst in all of us. As hard as the progressive multicultural circle of society tries to advance the country there is always an idiot who does something stupid. These actions seem to easily take us back 50 years and we instantly forget how far we have come as a nation.

Most White People do not like the rhetoric that comes with Racial Injustice just as Black People don’t like to be ignored. When Whites see racial rhetoric it is disturbing. It honestly is. Blacks would be surprised at the number of White People in America who wish Slavery had never happened. Of course there are still many who wish it were still legal but for the most part it is an ugly part of our history and progressive America is constantly trying to press forward.

Black People share the sentiment. Blacks wish Slavery never happened as well except when you were the victim it’s really hard to forget about it. The times you do forget about it a George Zimmerman comes along and reminds all blacks… It ain’t quite over yet.

So, blacks put those marching shoes on and hold up those hand signs. We march, shout, and sing Peace songs hoping America feels the pain that all blacks felt when this kid was murdered. When a helpless, weaponless kid is allegedly murdered and it seems the shooter is being protected by the powers within government, Blacks can’t help but use the Power of our collective voices.

It has worked in the past. It was the collective support during the Bus Boycott that made the statement. Of course Rosa Parks was the visible model for the movement but blacks all over that city boycott the injustice together. One person may have led the way but it was the community at large that made the impact.

Dr. King may have led the march to Washington but it was the collective efforts of hundreds of thousands, black and white,  which made the impact. Even for the Million Man March. The Honorable Louis Farrakhan may have been the organizer but it was the collective support of Muslims, Christians, Non Denominated, and all minorities which made the impact.

The only difference between efforts in past seasons from the efforts today are the Aftermaths. The Civil Rights Movement produced more registered black voters than any other era in our history. It wasn’t until President Obama ran for President that a high number of black registrants were accumulated again.

The Million Man March empowered blacks to go back to their communities and become entrepreneurs. It resulted in a surge in the support of black business owners and entrepreneurs all over the world.

From the looks of it, large movements escalate our interests but none in the past decade or two have kept our interest.  Take the Jena 6 for instance. America came to the rescue of six Black kids in Jena, LA who were racially mistreated at their school. People flew to the small town of Jena from all over the world to march, protest, and rally. In the Aftermath, not only has no one heard about any of the progress of the kids involved but most of the blacks who participated went back to their own communities and most were not motivated enough to continue start programs in their own communities which teach kids how to respond in similar situations in their own community if they occur.

The Call

The major misfortune of our community is our neglect to attract the new generation to the Cause. Our famous Coalitions and Non-Profit Outreaches make a grand noise during the hype but continue to fail at engaging our youth to our Cause when the hype dies.

At one time the NAACP attracted more youth than adults. The organization had a foot in every black community in this country. Now it is hardly even visible until there is a racial issue.

In professional  football  Defense stops your opponent from winning the game but it’s your Offense that helps you win.  You can stop the other team from scoring the whole game but if you don’t score yourself you still don’t win. At one time, the Black Community played Offense.

We must become proactive again.

The Commission

Although the Trayvon Martin case was embraced by people of all races and ages, it attracted millions of young people. This is the perfect time to engage them. We are most productive when a circumstance hits home.

Jr. Police Officers

30 years ago many Police Departments implemented a Junior Police Program. It is pretty much invisible today. A case such as the Trayvon Martin case is the opportunity for Police Departments all over the country to reach out to young black kids.  A Neighborhood Watchman is not a certified officer. Zimmerman shouldn’t have even had a gun on him. He is simply a call person. This type of opportunity can be given to young people. Bring them into the process and give them an opportunity to police their own neighborhoods.  Have training classes for them and teach them how to protect themselves from imposters like Zimmerman.

Most urban communities have recreation centers. These weekly training programs could take place in the Recreation Center. It may even encourage more black kids to consider being police. The more black officers policing our own communities the less racial profiling continues. Most inner city youth have no idea why they are profiled. Police should share with them the statistics they have of crime and the similar attributes of the offenders.

Neighborhood Watchers

Zimmerman was a neighborhood appointed security guard. The residents in that neighborhood speak highly of him. It’s evidence they feel he does a good job to help keep their neighborhood safe. There is nothing stopping every black neighborhood in America from implementing the same system. It would actually be an extension of the Police Department.

We seem to do more to destroy our communities and not enough to protect our own kids. Murderers are hidden in our own neighborhoods and Drug Dealers live in our own homes. We say nothing and do nothing.  Maybe it’s time we watched our own neighborhoods. Turn your cousin in if he is breaking the law. Turn your son in if you know he is into mischief. When you see an unusual suspect on your street have your people in place to question what they are doing on your street. Then, rather than kill a perpetrator call the proper authority to handle the situation.

If we continue to kill each other as animals we will continue to be viewed as such.

Consistent Community Meetings

Suburban neighborhoods have community meetings often. They meet to discuss the Safety of their neighborhoods, the beautification, and it’s development.  They don’t wait on the city to do anything for their neighborhood. They pull together and do it themselves. As a matter of fact, Zimmerman only had a position because this community felt the need to put someone in place. Unfortunately, he couldn’t follow directions obviously, but his purpose was actually valuable to the residents.

The Black Community must get back to the Village System. At one time, black neighbors knew everything about their community. If someone new moved in they knew who they were and observed them. Some may call the old way “nosy” but there was less crime and violence when we held each other accountable.

If you saw a child walking by himself in the street there was no need to call the police. A resident would ask the kid his name, his mama’s name, his address, and would make him come in and call his mama. Today, we’re too afraid of our own kids to even invite them in our homes.

When a mandatory community meeting is put in place you know everybody in the community and you see their faces. Problems are addressed and handled in house. These Drug Dealers are the sons of somebody in that neighborhood. These murderers are kin to someone in our community. Have we become so reckless that would rather protect those who commit crimes against our own people rather than stand up for righteousness at all cost?

Leadership Accountability

We must demand that our Politicians, Pastors, and Attorneys represent us properly. Stop electing people just because you know them. Be sure you keep imposters out of seats of power. If they work deals under the table for you then they will do it for others as well. Many times our leaders mirror what we commonly seen on our streets… Gangsters.

Demand they give report of their dealings so the community at large has an idea what they are doing on their behalf. Many times you don’t see our politicians until it’s election time or until a young kid is gunned down.

If we want our people to stay engaged then leaders must be engaged with the community regularly. How can a leader represent a District and receive thousands of votes from constituents but nobody who voted for the leader knows any details about the murders and drugs that corrupt the community? If you represent the District it means you are at large the most well known person in that District. Don’t run for office if you’re afraid to tackle the real problems.

With accountable leaders the Black Community should be 100% Voter Registered. What’s so hard about getting a team of people who will spend a few weeks going to every door in the District and spend 20 minutes with every family to make sure everyone in the house is registered. Meet the family. Hear their concerns and show them how to fill out the forms. That’s accountability and it is definitely an Offensive game plan.

The more accountable leaders we have in place backed by voters who are truly connected the better our communities will become.

If we don’t become proactive the rallies won’t mean anything and the protests won’t amount to anything. The solutions lie in our own hands.


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  1. Very delicate subject. I have become callused by media reportings simply because we receive filtered info as the media sees fit. Death is always sad and in matters like this everyone loses especially the families left to pick up the pieces or explain their child’s lifestyle and behavior patterns.

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