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Laughter does cure the pain and Rodney Perry has been a physician for two decades.

Best known as Monique’s side kick, Perry is as humble as they come. “I can’t act conceited because God has placed folk along my journey that have helped me. You don’t make it in this business as a loner. You are going to have to have some people who believe in you enough to open a door for you. I certainly have had my share of them,” he said.

Perry is quite grateful of the support he received from Comedian and Actress, Monique. “A lot of people don’t know I was actually her Radio Co-Host before I became her Television Co-Host,” he explains. “We had only done her radio show for like 6 months before she got the opportunity to do the BET show. She promised me she would look out for me and when she received the opportunity she ushered me right in there with her. I am forever grateful for her support and her dedication to helping others get in the door.”

Usually when Comedians like Perry hit the main stage the general public assume they must be new to the platform. Perry knows many people were first exposed to him through Monique but he is grateful for his 20 year journey which led to his association with Monique. He’s done Comic View seven times. He was featured on Bill Belamy’s show as well as Def Comedy Jam. “A lot of times people see you in a good season and it just doesn’t register in their minds how long you’ve actually been working,” he said.

“Preparation is the key to everything. Through the years I would do those small movies to get in the door.”

Crawl Before You Walk

He remembers humbling himself and getting help from another up and coming actress. Tasha Smith, of Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married movies,  was his acting coach. “Don’t ever get too prideful that you can’t use a little help. I stayed in the right faces and made myself available for every opportunity whether it was big or small.”


What prevents most people from truly following their aspirations in life is the lack of support they receive from the people closest to them. Sometimes, it can be frustrating when you are the only person who believes in you.

“When you tell people you’re going to do comedy full time they don’t really support you. They think you’re crazy. You have to learn to believe in yourself when nobody else does. The race is not give to the swift. It may not happen overnight. I had to learn the hard way, everybody is not going to be on board with your vision at first.”

It is what it is. Some people will be for you and there will be some you will have to separate yourself from for the sake of your own focus. In the end, it is all in God’s plan to position you for the task he placed upon your life. We don’t understand anything God does while He is doing it. It doesn’t start to make sense to us until we look back at it.


Rodney is a proud Navy Man. In fact, the Navy is actually where he started doing comedy.

“The Navy disciplined me and taught me the essence of who I am.  Not only did I learn my potential but it was in the Navy that I stumbled upon my purpose.”

Perry was proud of the Seals for capturing Ben Ladin. “I never celebrate anybody’s death. Somebody somewhere is sad that this man is gone. But I think the world is a better place that he is gone.”

He often reminds people of how skilled and disciplined the Seals are. “The Navy Seals are the most intense men on the Earth. They have the most intense training than any elite forces. We were proud as a nation of how they structured a plan, executed it, and captured an enemy of the Peace,” he said.

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Perry makes no apology for his Faith in God. “It’s not something I plan on ever hiding. God has been the most important part of my journey. Without God in my life I would have surely been caught up in the pitfalls,” he expressed.

He is very vocal on how the Entertainment Industry changes who you are if you’re weak enough to allow it to do so. “This business magnetizes your vices. If drugs are your vice it will magnetize your desire for drugs. If it’s sex or alcohol or whatever, this business will make those temptations even greater. God has kept me from falling too deep in pitfalls that I couldn’t get out. Even when I got out of my pitfalls I realized I was too deep to get out of them by myself. It was Him who pulled me out of them.”


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