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Swag. It’s not just a term used to personify confidence and ability. It also represents the comfort you have in your own identity. If Swag had a poster child, Fonzworth Bentley would be cheesing real big.

For years, Fonzworth has been that guy. Right beside P. Diddy… yea that guy. On the Red Carpet drawing attention…yep, that guy. Hosting the popular television show, From G’s To Gents, and hosting events on various networks… yep, that guy. Through all of his success he has truly grown as a man but also as a Spiritual Man.


The Morehouse brother is proud of the empowerment he received at the college. “Morehouse doesn’t just make you a college graduate. Morehouse makes you a better man,” he says.  Within every conversation he boasts about the leadership and integrity he profited at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. “Some people go to college to meet new friends. Morehouse students go to college to connect with the future leaders of the world.”

The World

In a world with so much inconsistency in Leadership it’s good to know young black men have ideas to improve society. It’s always said the brightest minds come out of Historic Black Colleges and Universities but quite often these minds are taken for granted.

You can conclude a lot about a man by how he views the world. Do you view the world through a window or do you view the world through a magnifying glass? If you view the world through a window it means you’re able to observe much more than you would through a small magnifying glass. Your perception of the world will be greater than the person who sees through the magnifying glass.

But there are many other ways to view the world…

“I view the world through a Prophetic Eye. I choose to see the world through the glass of the Father. How I feel about it really doesn’t matter,” he confidently explained. “Right now I have to say Jesus is the most popular man in the world. He has his hand in everything. We talk about how bad the economy is but I don’t worry about that. I know Jesus has his hand in it. I try to look at everything through the eyes of the Father. It makes so much more sense that way.”


Everyone is crazy about Fonzworth’s father. The man just has an inviting personality. His son is a major star but he has been able to keep the most humble personality a man could acquire. Although Fonzworth is his birth son, any man his son’s age is treated just like a son. Daddy Bentley is truly from the old school. He has a lesson to teach and a laugh to give everyone he meets.

“I have a Dadager. He is still my manager to this day.  I saw a documentary on Elephants. Some had fathers and some didn’t. The documentary showed them living in the wild. The ones that had the fathers fighting for them were very disciplined. The others were untamed. I cannot deny that my father disciplined me and he is an incredible influence on my life,” he proudly explained.

Fonzworth is very aware of his father’s affect on his friends and business associates. “No one who meets and talks to my father doesn’t remember him and like him a lot. 80% of my friends like me but they absolutely love my father.”


Many times in life we are strong most of the time so we slightly forget the times when Faith is tested. The leading single from his latest music project features Faith Evans. “Believe” is not just a song. It’s a true story about his struggle with a tumor that almost claimed his life.

Four years ago he thought he had a hernia but he found out it was a tumor the size of a golf ball. “I am a man of God and I have Faith but I have to tell you, it takes another level of Faith to handle news like that.  Even knowing that you’re victorious from the get-go.  I truly knew and believed that, but it’s something serious when you can’t even bend over and tie your shoe.”

His struggle demanded he make every moment precious and every day he lives meaningful. “A near death experience will wake you up,” he professed.  “When are constantly at war with the enemy but we must believe somebody is constantly fighting on our behalf. We all claim we are believers but most people don’t really drop down on their knees until something happens. I believe in being on the Offense. If God is always at work then it means I need to always be in prayer and Faith knowing I’m the winner before the challenge even comes.”

Main Job

Blacks folks are not strangers to juggling more than one job. It’s so common in the black community to have more than one job that if you have just one job, you are the one who is abnormal. While managing real jobs to make the ends meet are the most common responsibilities, Fonzworth says his main job is more important than his main paying job.

“I truly work hard at being a good husband. That is my main job. The institution of marriage is the best institution on Earth. Marriage is better than ever. There are too many diseases. To have a helper and a companion who supports me as my Father in Heaven does is the best deal on the planet.”


Most people remember him as that guy with the nice outfits who used to be on all the P. Diddy videos back in the day. He was Diddy’s personal assistant. As a matter of fact he says being a servant has been the key to his achievements.

We don’t have to always been out front to be successful. Sometimes, the people on the side or the ones in behind are just as successful. Humility is knowing who you are even if the world doesn’t know yet and staying in your place until the world finds out.

“We learn a lot about Humility by watching people who have it. Many of us spend so much time watching the negative role models that we miss life lessons in those who have Humility. I think the Big O is an icon of Humility. Oprah has gone above and beyond to make this world a better place and there is no one greater on global platform who has continued to show Humility throughout their career as she has and still does. When she invited all those people to her house it was more than just a trip to one of the biggest homes in the world. She shared life with all those ladies. When she built that school in Africa she was believing in children on this Earth who seldom have any believers. She is the truth.”

He says he never sat in front of the class when he was growing up. “I usually sat in the back and tried to be the Class Clown as much as possible.”  However, he is grateful that he learned when to play and when to put the pedal to the medal and go for his dreams.

If there is one thing the world can learn from Fonzworth it’s how being humble can bring you honor and how Faith is the biggest asset to any man with hopes of living out his aspirations. It has certainly helped this brother. He is a Model, a Television Host, a Rapper, A Minister, a Life Coach, an Author, and he is a recipient of every drop of Favor that Heaven can pour out.

If Favor falls like rain Bentley is wet. Wet with potential, expectation, and ambition. Heaven may drop the water but the seeds must be planted. It’s obvious his parents were great gardeners.


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  1. We need more family oriented role models who are making a difference in da world.Looking forward to seeing you & Jaime Fox collaborate more encouraging Shows. We need more Barnabas in the world.With much respect. Sincerely, a Fan:>)

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