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Louisiana Is Too Religious

Mississippi ranks as the nation’s Most Religious state. It is followed by Utah and Alabama. Then, my home state of Louisiana is ranked #4 in the country running neck and neck with Arkansas and South Carolina. According to the latest Gallop Poll, 54% of people in Louisiana are Religious.

Everybody knows I am Anti-Religion. Well, I’m against what we have allowed ignorance to make Religion. According to the bible, true Religion is caring for the fatherless, aiding the poor and the widows. (James 1:27) We are far away from that. God’s idea of Religion is more Spiritual than the routine acts of today’s Evangelical Culture.

The old saying is, if you’re against something it must mean you are for another thing. I am. I am for personal Spirituality. There is a difference. A big one.

Religion today is a circus. These people are in church a zillion times a week. They live as if they are perfect. They memorize bible scriptures and love to throw them at you. They give more money to a church than they do to invest in their own families and personal aspirations. They are almost crazy. They believe the preacher is God on Earth and they are so trenched in the Religious Circus that they will debate and fight you over their pastor and church like it’s a gang or something.

What’s even more disappointing is today’s church has a man-made image. Most Christians expect you to look a certain way if you proclaim you’re saved. There’s also this new churchified attitude that comes with it as well. You must also learn the new churchified dialect so you sound like you’re deep in the word when you have a casual conversation.

When people really run back to God their true Spiritual Transformation is derailed because the seasoned believers make them feel less saved if they don’t put on the churchified persona. So they do it and become someone they aren’t to fit in with the Christian Gang.  They become Churchy before they even become a Disciple.

Religion has become a lot of talk and hardly any action. These people’s lives are built around Revivals, Convocations, Workshops, Programs, Musicals, and Church Conventions. They don’t even know how to think without the pastor or the church manipulating them.

This is not what God designed Religion to be. A person should not spend more time in a church than he does investing in his own family. The bible even declares a man who neglects his own family is not fit to lead the House of God. (1 Timothy 3:5) This verse in the Christian Bible is proof of God’s respect to Personal Spiritual Life having priority over Religious Life.

Being Spiritual is more about developing as a Believer in not just God as The Father but also understanding God as The Creator. His empowerment upon mankind is greater than a Gospel Song. His empowerment within man alone is greater than the 40 minute hoop you get in a Sunday morning message. It is always great to hear the Word of God through a Holy Preacher but God is even greater when you can hear Him for yourself.

What’s even more sad is the fact that these states that are the most Religious in the country are also the states with the highest unemployment, worst educational systems, highest in Racism, and two cities in Louisiana alone are in the Top 10 cities in the country for Aids: Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

New Orleans is touted the Catholic Headquarters of America. It is the home of the oldest Catholic Church in the country. Louisiana is the mouth of the Black Bible Belt and New Orleans is also the birthplace of the Full Gospel Baptist National Fellowship. Am I the only one who finds it funny that with all the Religious Foundation in the city that I absolutely love, New Orleans also has the highest murder rate in America?

What is all this Religion doing for you if there are several  churches in one neighborhood but the kids in that neighborhood perform lower than all the other kids in the country? What does Religion have to boast about if Divorce is higher within it than it is beyond it?

Churches are going to have to break down into smaller sections and covert the lost into Spiritual people. Then, quit allowing traditions and religious nonsense to corrupt people before they even understand who God is. Bible Study should be the focus of every church in America. As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t even be allowed to come into a church service until you have been trained Spiritually. Am I the only one who understands Psalms 1:5 which reads Sinners are not to be in the Congregation of the Righteous.

Church has become the Sunday Talent Show. People need to be Spiritually trained and balanced before you throw them in with others who are more advanced in the understanding of the Gospel. You wouldn’t throw a Kindergarten student in a Senior Algebra class would you? That’s why God calls them ‘Babes’ … because they are!

If you have 400 people in a bible study, that’s too many people. Could your child learn in a classroom with 400 kids and one teacher?

Spirituality is the art of viewing the world as God’s work shed and finding a word in everything He created. God wants to open our minds and broaden our horizons. He completely wants us to think out of the box. He wants us to explore His beautiful world and plant His Gospel all over it. Today’s Religion, unfortunately, encourages just the opposite.

This means you are going to have to go somewhere other than Midweek, Choir Rehearsal, Usher Meeting, Revival, and Bible Study. It means you are going to have to get more involved in your community groups, charities, and outreach ministries. It means churches are going to have to open schools to do what the school system is neglecting to do. It means elders will have to become parents to the un-parented and do more than sit up front with expensive church outfits on.

Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, South Carolina, Utah… you are becoming the laughing stock of the world. Yes, they are laughing. Non-Believers are laughing. They laugh because we do more Jesus Talk than a little bit but don’t do hardly any Jesus Walk.

Religion at the cost of losing our children is not of God. Religion for the sake of being poor, infected with disease, and uneducated is not of God. If you go to church every time the doors open and you can quote the bible up and down but you do nothing extra in your own neighborhood, don’t look around. YOU are Religious and you, my dear friend, are the problem.




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  1. amen! amen! and amen again! its ridiculous…

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