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Your Child Is Going To Hell

As crime escalates in the black community the blame is usually on the Police Department when the blame should be on parents.


Crime in the Black Community is at an all time high. It’s so high that the New Orleans Police Department doesn’t give the number of murders per day until midnight because the numbers seem to escalate by the hour. What’s even more ridiculous is that these crimes keep happening in the Black Community.

What is the purpose of churches on every corner and recreation centers in the neighborhood if we can’t combat our own problems? These facilities can only do so much when ‘raising a child’ is now just ‘housing a child’. These inadequate parents aren’t raising kids. They are housing criminals.

Stop being so defensive. Some of you are reading this and you’re getting emotional because people expect everything to be sugarcoated now-a-days. The truth is the truth. It’s not white kids shooting up their neighborhoods. It’s black kids.

It’s not Asian kids selling drugs on the corners in their neighborhoods. It’s black kids. Stop making excuses for misbehavior. When you make excuses and point the blame in the wrong direction the consequences usually come back to haunt you.

Do you know how hurtful it is to any adult when they have to kill a kid? You think black cops like having to shoot at black kids then look at their white counterparts in embarrassment that these offenses keep happening in our neighborhoods. These men and women sometimes have nightmares for years after they have had to shoot someone down. Sit down with a cop one day and just listen to the stories of some of the most outrageous cases they’ve had involving adolescent blacks.

WE ARE NOT MONSTERS. Why do you continue to hurt the rest of us with your negligence?

I believe there are crooked cops. I have been racially profiled before when I was younger. It is not a good feeling. I wanted to fight. I wanted to kick. I wanted to knock the cop’s head off. Then, I calmed myself and realized, I fit the description of most of the crimes in the area I was in.

Here in New Orleans we have been going through a very destructive season of Police killing young black males. Parents are in an uproar and I’m sure they want explanations. I know I would. God bless those families.

Some of these parents are just doing the best they can to survive but the bigger picture is how we as a community have endorsed a destructive image and have become proud of it. These images sometimes have more influence over kids than the parents who are trying hard to do the right thing. The music and the destructive culture is so overwhelming that many parents just can’t compete with it.

Look at some the pictures of our kids on Facebook. Butts are tooted up in the bathrooms. Breast are barely covered. Cusswords embrace every Facebook Status. Vulgar music is supported and promoted by our teenagers and I honestly feel most of their parents are aware of it. They have to be. Most of the parents are on Facebook too. It is ridiculous how tolerant we have become of ignorance. We must Rise Beyond Tolerance.

I did an experiment with some young boys to explain the flipside of racial profiling. It shocked them. I placed five apples on a table and had them to describe the apples. They all had similar responses: “Red”, “Round”, “Stem standing on the top” . Then I had them to close their eyes and they did.

While their eyes were closed I placed a rotten apple in the middle of the four. I turned the side of the apple that was rotten towards me so they couldn’t see it. The front side of that apple looked just like the others. When they opened their eyes I told them one of the apples was rotten and asked them to pick it out. Do you know they chose all of the other apples before they selected the one which was actually rotten?

I explained to them that this is how racial profiling is. They go out looking for the right person who fits the description but if we all look alike, the innocent few will be mistaken very easily. Sometimes repeatedly.

Parents if you let your kids grow up looking like thugs, acting like thugs, talking like thugs, hang with thugs, listen to thuggish music… guess what… you are suggesting to your child this lifestyle is acceptable. By the time the child is 13 years old, and sometimes even younger, he is delinquent.

If you allow your daughter to dress improper and idolize you or anyone else who dresses improper don’t think she isn’t watching. By the time she is 12 she already wants to be Nicki Minaj and date thugs. When she is pregnant or arrested it is too late for you to wonder where she went wrong.

Parenting is a responsibility. Real parents can instantly SEE when their child is changing. They don’t wait until it’s too late. They rectify the problem instantly. How do you see your child hanging with the wrong crowd or develop improper behavior habits and not care enough to do whatever it takes to redirect that negative energy? At least you die knowing you did all you could to prevent it.

Am I the only one sick of seeing our kids destroy themselves? It is disgusting. All they want to do is rap about nonsense, go to a club, get high, and have sex with different people. Then, when people show us the statistics of what really happens in our community we have the audacity to blame it on the government or the Police or whomever. That is crazy! No, the blame is on US! We enable that nonsense and hide behind Poverty.

Yes, there are some crooked police. Just as there are crooked preachers, crooked lawyers, crooked coaches, crooked doctors, and guess what… crooked parents. Some police are racial. This is nothing new. But it’s just like the wounded to point out the few who are crooked and use it as an excuse to take the attention off the real problem.

The real problem is, you know the people next door to you sell drugs and you don’t care. The real problem is you know people right around you with illegal weapons and you make excuses for them because you probably have one too. The real problem is most of the people around you are not truthfully engaged in a Service Program, Mission Program, Non-Profit, Church, or any type of organization with others who bust their butts to get resources to help you.

It is sickening and I’m tired of it. I am tired of seeing black kids know about sex at 5 years old. I am tired of seeing kids pronounce vulgarities influenced by OUR music artists before they can even spell the words they are pronouncing.

I am tired of seeing people beg churches and pastors to help after years of negligence as a parent. No, I’m not helping you get your son out of jail. He needs to keep his tail there!

Just because there is a bible in your house and you have this make believe relationship with God means nothing. If you are a parent and you are knowingly raising one of these thugs, I hate to tell you but your child is going to Hell… on a scholarship. Sad thing is, you’ll probably go with them.


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  1. Wow talk about the naked truth!!! I agree with everything you said except the very end about the child and the parent going to hell. You seem to be a very straight-forward man and I applaud you for stating the truth with no chaser.

    However, the bottom line is this…no matter what it looks like we cannot give up on our children or our culture as a whole. Putting someone in your “personal hell” is not giving them the encouragement they need to want more for their children and most importantly themselves. Every situation is different and some people are a product of their environment which is unfortunate. But if you can take the time to listen to a cop about his hardships keeping his neighborhood safe you can certainly listen to a 13yr old pleading for his parent or guardian to get him out of jail. Everyone who is locked up behind bars is NOT guilty or deserve to be there.

    You cannot put all black people into one category because it sets a bad example for our white counterparts and it makes us feel like you don’t care and have thrown us to the wolves. My goal is to get into my black community and make a difference by treating every person, child or family with respect and dignity. We can do more by uplifting our children than we can beating them down. So with that being said, please be a little more compassionate 🙂

    • Totally understand your point. However, I feel the blog completely and specifically singles out “Dead Beat” Parents and not all blacks. Although I can honestly see how anyone can receive it in that manner. It is heavy. Very heavy and written that way on purpose. I am no stranger to kids. I work with several inner city organizations and part of this blog was fueled by the neglect I see all the time. I hope you weren’t offended personally. But if you are one of those parents I honestly hope it provoked anger. Enough anger to want to do better. Bless You! Thank you for even taking the time to write. I really really do appreciate your honest perception. I will definitely consider your suggestions in the future!

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