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You Still Look Like Your Daddy

Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of the late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, wants to change her name. She wants to drop the Bobbi and the Brown and be called Kristina Houston.

Trust me, I was named after my father. I know the headache that comes with bearing the name of your parent. You grow up feeling you HAVE to walk in their shoes. You grow up feeling your entire purpose is to simply carry out their legacy. In some way you don’t feel you have a life. You feel you are expected to be as they were. Oh, I know the feeling. I, like so many others, wanted to change my name as well.

I’m not against her changing her name. Not at all. But I do question WHY she wants it changed. I mean, if you feel you just don’t like your name and you want something different… you’re grown! Who am I to question your decision. But, if you’re changing your name because you hate your father, it brings up another issue. WHY do you hate your father so much?

I absolutely, completely love my father. I never wanted my name changed because I didn’t love him. I just grew up wanting my own identity. It was a deep internal issue with me so long that when my first son was born I wanted him to have his own name. No disrespect to my father or my grandfather, because actually I am the III Roosevelt, but it was actually more to do with giving my son something I felt I didn’t get. But if she wants her own identity why does she still choose her mother’s but disapproves her father’s?

People name their kids after themselves for many reasons. My father wanted to continue a legacy that was passed to him. I get that. I respect that. I have grown to just accept it for what it is. I’m sure Bobby and Whitney had their reasons for sharing their names and legacies with their daughter. However, to disassociate from one but stay associated to the other is a sign of disrespect to them both. This little girl wasn’t named by one parent. She was named by them both. This is the name her mother obviously wanted her to have as well.

If she just hated her name she’d change the Houston and the Kristina as well but she wants to keep that and slice her dad off. To take your dad’s part of your name out means you want to be disassociated from HIM specifically. We all know this family has issues but rather than interviewing this poor girl about her deceased mother shouldn’t those close to her be trying to reconcile the relationship between she and her father?

I have a problem with people who say they care but they continue to promote division. Her father is not on drugs anymore. He is not living a questionable lifestyle. He is married. Working. From the looks of it, he was trying to reach out to her but he was rudely ostracized at his ex-wife’s funeral. The man isn’t perfect but he seems to have regrouped himself and obviously loves his daughter.

Maybe Bobby does have some issues. Who knows? None of us do. But we do know what it means when a child so visibly displays a lack of love for the only parent she has living. We also know from our own experiences what happens when one side of the family hates the other side of the family and how children who are brought up in the midst are confused and usually side with their mother’s side of the family if they were close.

It is wrong for her to cut her father off unless he has physically or sexually harmed her and made her afraid to love him. Otherwise, the people around her should be encouraging her to reconcile with her father.

Changing your name won’t change a thing when the whole world knows who your parents are. Especially when you look just like the one you want to pull away from.

I don’t understand how a family who is always talking about their relationship with God continues to operate unlike the Spirit they claim they have. Let’s all watch after this poor girl because I honestly question the people who have been doing it.

You can change your name and you can shut him out but sweet baby, you still look like your daddy.


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  1. You ain’t never lying! I agree 100%!

  2. I agree. I’m curious to know why she hates him so much. I pray one day whatever damage has been doing they can get passed it. They both need each other.

  3. I hope and pray that she and her father one day have a long heart to heart to try to repair the wrong(s) that have happen in the past and somehow atleast if nothing else be kind to each other.

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