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Hit ‘Em Hard!


If you can’t stop the Offense then find a way to stop the Defense. That’s what it’s come down to for MY New Orleans Saints.

No doubt the Saints are the most feared team in the league. Mostly because opponents don’t know which team they’ll play. It could be the Offensive machine, led by Drew Brees, which scored more touchdowns than any other team in the league in the past season and against the Indianapolis Colts they even scored 61 points. Or it could be the Defense, when at times in doubt, have dismantled the stats of quarterbacks and running backs alike.

Now, the NFL is upset because of allegations that there was a Bounty among the Saints Defense to “take players out” of the game.

Greg Williams, the former Defensive Coordinator for the Saints during the questionable years, admits there was some form of Bounty within the team. Darren Sharper, the former Defensive Captain during those years, says the only Bounty he knew about was incentives for Turnovers but never to intentionally hurt another man.

I find the allegations absurd and flat out ridiculous. As if the NFL is innocent!

When Defensive Players start playing football in Middle School they are trained to Hit Em Hard! When that same player goes to high school he gets a starting spot according to how hard he hits another player. Then, if he develops a trend of ‘Hitting Hard’ he gets a scholarship to a college to come there and Hit Hard and take his opponent out. If I’m not mistaken, that’s being PAID to HIT EM HARD!

And what do you know… if he hits hard in college he gets a million dollar contract to the NFL to HIT EVEN HARDER and take his opponent out.

This is not tag football. It is the world’s hardest contact sport. Defensive players are drafted because they Hit Hard. Whether there is a bounty or not the NFL is just as guilty because they allow Defensive players to be drafted just to hit other players hard and they are paid to do it.

No team will draft a player who tackles gently. Why do you think they scout and have NFL Draft Auditions? Because they want an Ndamukong Suh or a Ray Lewis or a Darren Sharper! They want guys who show them they can hit hard and take his opponent out.

This is really about the NFL’s distaste toward New Orleans. They are still upset about not owning rights to the phrase “Who Dat” and missing out on millions. They hate the way this team is not intimidated by league officials. They hate that Saints games draw more attention than the games they choose as their game of the week.

Last year, Drew Brees had the best season of his career. He was the media pick by every media source and even AP. Who does the NFL choose? Aaron Rogers.

Just as good Offensive players are paid well to score the ball Defensive players are paid to do whatever it takes to keep them from scoring. If it means to hit em hard, by all means, there is no coach in the league who isn’t looking for some way to encourage his Defensive Players to go out there and Hit Em Hard!

If you don’t like Hard Football play Tag Football. Just don’t turn this league into a Flag Football League!


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