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Shoot That Priest!

I’m sure you’ve heard by now. However, if you haven’t…

A Catholic woman was denied Communion after her mother’s funeral when the Priest became aware that she was a Lesbian. When she came around for Holy Sacrament she was denied. When she spoke about her mother at the funeral the Priest left the funeral. Christians around the country have divided on this issue.

This pretty much sums up what I feel Religion has become. People don’t go to church anymore to “get right.” They go to church now-a-days because in their minds they ARE right. Religion has always been of principals and margins. People join Faiths and Denominations today because they are expected to. They don’t join because they agree with the principals and ordinances of the Faith.

When today’s Christian steps beyond the margin of their professed Faith they expect to be excused under a pallet of “love”. They don’t expect to be judged, reprimanded, or rebuked when they are out of order according to the doctrine they have pledged and submitted to be Spiritually governed by.

The Priest could have probably done it in a different way but the truth is he wasn’t out of line for why he did it.

Communion to most people is just the day when women wear hats and veils and men get a chance to drink a sip of grape juice or wine after having the dry mouth attack during a long sermon by the minister. Most churches have Communion so religiously, on the same Sunday every month, that it’s importance and symbolism is not even respected anymore.

For all Christians it is a ceremony of Sanctification by the Blood of God. That’s for everybody, including Catholics. However, Catholics are a little different. It is not just a symbol for them by way of a cracker and a sip of grape juice. They truly believe the Eucharist is the presence of God. In that ceremony they believe His Blood, His Body, and His Soul is actually really honestly present.

A Priest, according to their ordinances, is not supposed to allow you to partake in the Sacred Communion if you are excommunicated or if your lifestyle is in direct path of a gravely sin.  They are totally against Homosexuality. They are against it so much that every time a Priest is charged with an account of molestation or homosexuality he is asked to step down and is stripped of his responsibilities altogether. Every Catholic knows how the Faith feels about Homosexuality.

In the case of this woman, Barbara Johnson, she actuality brought her lover/partner whom she has been living with to the church for the funeral and pretty much placed her “gravely sin” on display in front of the Priest and all the officials. The Priest learned about her lifestyle the day before the funeral. What was he supposed to do? Had this man let her take Communion imagine how many others would have been furious after being denied themselves in the past for what they consider more private affairs in comparison to this one which was in their faces.

The Priest is the easiest person to target because obviously he  “judged” her.  People don’t like to be judged in today’s Religion even though the bible gives believers EVERY RIGHT to judge each other.

This Priest only followed the guidelines of the Catholic Faith and more importantly the guidelines of the bible which is shared by millions of Christians around the world. Does the bible not say in 1 Corinthians 11:28 Let a man examine himself before Communion. It says when you take part unworthily you bring damnation and wrath unto yourself. It also says many die because of this.

Most people stop reading right there but if you move on down to the 31 and 32 verse in that chapter it says: 1 Corinthians 11:31-32 (KJV)
31 For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged. 32 But when we are judged, we are chastened of the Lord, that we should not be condemned with the world.

Verse 32 clearly gives the Priest the authority to judge those who proclaim Holiness and are living beyond the parameters of Holiness.

Now, I don’t call myself Religious. In fact, I call myself REALigious. I just believe if you are going to join an organization you should know what you’re joining before you join. Most people join churches because they are low in Spirit and they hear a good message and they want to join the church. Truthfully, you should just ask for prayer when you’re in that mode. After you have had an introduction and you understand their Faith, if you agree with their principals and you share the same vision, THEN you join the Denomination.

What you can’t do is shoot a Pastor down for doing what you already know he is supposed to do anyway.

This whole Barbara Johnson situation presents a serious question for all Christians. Are you Christian because it makes you feel good or do you profess the Faith because you understand and submit to its beliefs? Most people don’t truly submit to the beliefs and principles of Christianity. Just the ones which make them feel good.


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  1. Hello Ro, You are so right. However, i am of the opinion that, sure we should examine ourselves before we partake of the communion, That is the prerequisite for taking the Lord’s supper;Confess your sin and ask God to forgive you. I say, when you have an open sin such as homosexuality, lesbian, Gen 19:5; fornication, (1Corn5:1-13) that is a whole new issue because it is dealing with sins that is visible and public. Remember sin is sin no matter, rather, it is open or private( they are dealt with between that person and God) but the open ones are to be dealt with openly. If you read these to different versions of sin you will see how they were handle. The Priest did the right thing according to the bible. I am not a bible scholar, but, i know what the bible teaches.

    • I totally agree. Maybe the way he did it could’ve been done differently but WHY he did it is not even arguable. Thanks for dropping by my blog! Have a great weekend!

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