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Mitt Romney Likes Lace Front Wigs

As hopeful as the Republican candidates are, none of them have a serious chance to beat President Obama.

Mitt Romney was very confident his homestate of Michigan would be a blowout in the Tuesday Primary. He was so assured that he campaigned there as if he’d already won. Unfortunately, he only won by a very narrow margin. Rick Santorum had 37% of Michigan voters while Mitt only had 41%.

It would’ve been a complete upset had he lost the state but honestly to have an opponent finish that close to you in your own state is equivalent to losing. It would be one thing if the state were split between a Democrat and a Republican but there was no split at all. These were all Republicans. This is a base that Mitt Romney should have in the bag in his homestate being that he ran for this very same position just four years ago.

These races are very close and they prove that the Republicans still don’t have a clear choice to compete against President Obama in the upcoming election.

In his victory speech in Michigan, Mitt said, “We didn’t win by much but we did win by enough.” Close elections don’t show a clear victor during primaries especially in preparation against a fairly popular President.

Lace front wigs have more space than the margin between Romney and Santorum.

The Republican Party needs a new image and a new engine. Four years later, yet still no candidate is positioned to take on the Chicago Machine that will crank back up in full blast this Summer.

Close may be good enough against your own party but it won’t be good enough against the President in a very liberal society.



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