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Show Me Your Boobs

After a long boring night at the Oscars, Jennifer Lopez’s little friends decided to come out to see if it was finally over! While presenting an award at last night’s show, Lopez had a little “nip slip.”

But, if you observe what J Lo wore to the event, how could she not have a slip up? Her cleavage was pretty much all the way exposed anyway. It’s not just her though. The majority of today’s celebrities press the bar as much as they can to be as close to naked as possible. For the Grammys and how can we forget Janet Jackson’s Superbowl showcase? It seems the popular thing to do is let those puppies out so the world can see them!

Trust me, I live in New Orleans. If they will show those babies for Mardi Gras beads I’m not surprised that they will show ’em to make the headlines all day the day after.

Women should know, you can look sexy and still look classy. Sandra Bullock looked beautiful last night. I thought Viola Davis was flawless. Angelina Jolie and Meryl Streep were gorgeous. My wife knows I think Cameron Diaz is wittingly attractive and even she with her youthful persona had enough sense to cover her babies.

The message Hollywood continues to send to younger girls is that Sophistication is not attractive anymore. If you want the lights and you want the acceptance it seems the only way to stand upstage is to be half naked.

Jennifer Lopez is a multi-millionaire. I have seen her dress conservative before and she looks beautiful. I have seen her in her sexy/classy attire and she mops up very well. When she looked in her closet to select a gown she should’ve had enough sense to know the dress she chose was prone to indecent exposure. If you look at the picture closely, the cleavage material was so thin it was almost transparent anyway. The lining of the material was so close to the crown of her breast that if she just sneezed or missed a step or just turned her neck around to look behind her, it would pop out easily.

If your daughter wore that to the prom, she would be asked to leave. If you wore that to a work related banquet, you would have dirty nicknames the next day by all the men at the office. If you wear an outfit exposing everything you have how do expect people NOT to look at the exposed areas?

Or maybe that’s just it. THEY want us to look at it. Most times I will. I’m a man. Why wouldn’t I? And while looking at it, my mind is not thinking about how great you are at your profession. My mind is not thinking about your contributions to society. I instantly go from being a decent gentleman to wondering what does the whole thing look like? Or better yet, I’ll be wondering what do they both look like if you would just take the whole thing off.

I’m not supposed to be prompted to think that way. A Pervert is a somebody who degrades women on his own. A man is not a pervert if you tempt him and wave it in his face. He is just a man and 99% of us WILL LOOK.

If the RSVP says Black & White Affair, it means conservative Tux and Gown. Not NIGHT GOWN! If it were a Pajama Party we’d expect Pajamas. If it were an orgy invite then we’d understand you coming half naked. But it’s not. It’s a televised event on a family oriented network.

All puppies belong in their cages.





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