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Wash My Car With Your Jersey

Lebron James recently hinted he would like to be ‘welcomed back as a Cleveland Cavalier’ and he hopes the fans would accept him back.

NO SIR. They won’t. And I don’t even live there.

These professional athletes need to get something straight. Fans and Ticket Holders do not buy tickets. We buy HOPE. When you wear that jersey, as talented as you are, you don’t represent yourself. You represent the tax payers in that city who sacrifice a lot for seats and jerseys just so you can ride G6 planes and live in the most luxurious mansions available.

Sometimes, I actually plan what I buy and what I won’t buy around a Saints game or a Hornets game. We love our teams in New Orleans just as Cleveland loves the Cavaliers, Dallas loves the Cowboys, Washington loves the Redskins, and Miami loves its Heat. Sometimes the NBA has 5-10 home games a month. To the athlete, its just a night for you to make $50G but to us… we pay $25 to park, $50 for a ticket, another $50 on food, $150 on paraphernalia, and $20 on gas just to come see you play. And we do this 5 times a month for the NBA and the prices on everything is doubled for the NFL.

Why would they accept him back? He made it to the playoffs with Cleveland and he made it with Miami. With neither team has he won a championship. So, obviously it doesn’t matter what city a baller plays in or who he plays with… teamwork wins championships. Even teams with the best athletes can have great individual players yet still be horrible as a unit.

Chris Paul could have stayed in New Orleans. This city loved him. It wasn’t about money either because all kinds of reports prove they were willing to beat any price he was offered. When you completely decide to ditch a city, not a team, but a city you turn sports into Vegas. You play with players on a team but truthfully you actually play for a city.

Why would I buy a jersey for a player who flip flops teams whenever he feels like it. When you go to a new team what are we supposed to do with a jersey that is no longer relevant? I may as well wash my car with that old #23 Cleveland jersey. I guess the #3 New Orleans jersey is good for cleaning the baseboards now. They don’t get it. It’s not just a game to fans. We don’t have $15M contracts. To us, its a chance to get with our friends and cheer on our towns with the players as our ambassadors.

There is only one jersey in my closet. It’s a black and gold jersey with the #9 on it. I wear it because I believe Drew Brees cares about the Who Dat Nation. I believe he cares about the organization. I truly believe he cares about the city and the state. What he does off court is proof that he is worth supporting because he doesn’t mind supporting this state.

He can go anywhere right now but unlike Chris Paul, he wasted no time announcing, “I plan to retire in the NFL as a New Orleans Saint.” That means… HE IS NOT EVEN INTERESTED IN NEGOTIATING WITH ANYONE ELSE. Loyal to his core fan base.

Reggie Bush’s jersey used to cost $110 in New Orleans. The day he left they were on sale everywhere for $10. No Lie. The reason is because we only wear jerseys for people who make us proud not people who spit on true fans and ditch all of our HOPE just to earn a few more millions to waste on parties, women, clothes, and cars. As if $10M a year is not already more than what 98% of Americans make. Geesh!

Not everyone is going to win the championship. If it boils down to the same 5 teams each year because of Free Agent Freedom there is no real future in Sports. Just have one on one matches with the ten elite players and call it a season.

Small towns without NBA or NFL representation really don’t care because they don’t have a team which represents them. It’s understandable why they cheer for their favorite player instead of a team. But they aren’t the priority source of revenue for the team. It may be how Nike and Gatorade and all the sponsors get rich but it’s not team’s priority source for profit.  The team makes it money from people who live in the city and believe in their franchise enough to constantly sacrifice. We continue to buy tickets even when you dooshbags decide you want to play with your friends and leave an entire franchise dangling behind you.  We do it even when it hurts our family budgets.

New Orleans knows exactly what Cleveland went through. Denver knows exactly what Cleveland went through. It’s happening everywhere and it’s not fair to the millions of fans who make these athletes very wealthy in the markets that have built a future revolving around them.

I think all these players should stop and remember… People Don’t Wear Your Jersey Because You’re Paid The Most Money. People Don’t Wear Your Jersey Because You Have Rings. We represent you because you make us believe. You make us feel better. You inspire us.

Many of these athletes have proven they are no different from a common thug willing to do whatever for an extra nickel. For that alone, I will never wear their jerseys. Very few athletes play with honor and integrity. Today, they play with price tags on them and that’s it.

If Drew Brees wanted an amount that the Saints couldn’t afford, I promise you… the citizens of NOLA would raise the balance in one hour. He is loved just that much because his skills is matched with Integrity. He lifts our Faith and we love him for it! Green Bay actually lets fans buy shares of their team and they get a collective vote.

Lebron, Chris, Carmelo, T.O., Randy… know this…

We don’t care about the jersey on the man. Fans are more moved by the type of man wearing the jersey.

Now Dunk That.


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