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Congressman Rips Off Little Girls

Having a baby is the new fad.  Sex is the new After School Extracurricular Activity. However, you won’t get any scholarships for being successful at it. What you will get is a disease or a baby. Unfortunately for parents, today it is popular among teenage girls to have babies together while they are in high school.

Indiana Congressman Bob Morris, (R), has chosen to distance himself from the very organization in America that has tried to defeat the attacks on young girls. He chose not to honor Girl Scouts of America in their 100th Year Celebration and also has decided to pull his own daughters out of the organization altogether.

The Congressman wrote a letter to the Indiana House of Republicans explaining why he was the lone soldier to dishonor Girl Scouts of America. He says Girl Scouts of America promotes Homosexuality because the organization allows boys who feel they are gay to be Girl Scouts. What is not brought up is the fact that even in Boy Scouts, the organization cannot turn away a girl who chooses to join.

To demonize GSA is completely unnecessary. This organization, for 100 years, has taught young girls Pride, Honor, and Integrity. If the Congressman has an issue with a few of the agendas in the organization maybe a better platform would be in the presence of the organization leaders in hopes to restructure what he feels is inappropriate policies.

To dishonor an entire legacy because you disagree with one of their policies is absurd.

If the Educational System is failing, Parenting is failing, and Churches are not as productive as they should be, where will little girls learn to become sufficient women? Certainly Mr. Morris must have a better plan in position.

Congressman Morris says most of the women GSA presents have been Communists, Lesbians, and Feminists. He also has a problem with GSA being closely supported by Planned Parenthood, an organization which has shown support for Abortion in the past among many other platforms.

So, then,  this fruitcake starts talking about Mrs. Obama.

“First Lady Michelle Obama’s role as Honorary President and the fact that the Obamas are radically pro-Abortion should give each of us reason to pause our individual and collective endorsement of the organization.”

First Lady Michelle Obama supports Girl Scouts because she is a philanthropist by heart. I promise this guy has the IQ of ear wax.

Maybe she truly cares about the future of young ladies, just as former First Ladies Barbara Bush and Hillary Clinton have done. Both of them, by the way, were Girl Scouts when they were children. In no way do I see Barbara Bush or Hillary Clinton as Feminists, Lesbians, or Communists. They were all Powerful, Intelligent, and Positive Role Models for our daughters.

If we keep electing idiots like Bob Morris to serve in Congress maybe it is time we encourage more young girls to become lawmakers so nutcases like this one wouldn’t be in any position to dishonor such positive institutions for girls.

Not only do we admire the Girl Scout Organization but seriously, we would rather eat nothing but Thin Mints and S’mores for the rest of our lives than elect another idiot like Bob Morris to Congress.


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