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Who Cares About Bobby Brown?

We are typically drawn to women in most social crisis. It’s just in us as a masculine society to be tenderhearted for the femininity of our social counterparts.

When Monica Lewinsky sang for the President (you know what I mean)… people bashed the President as if she couldn’t have refused to participate in the act.

When Michael Jordan divorced his wife people instantly assumed he cheated on her and must’ve done something terrible to hurt her. He may have, I don’t know. I don’t live in their home. But, my point is… before the truth even surfaced people already had an impression that he was a dog.

When news first surfaced of Bobby and Whitney’s drug issues, everybody… and I mean everybody… looked past her and right at him. This man hasn’t had a chance to breathe since the day he married her. If her earring was on wrong, Bobby must’ve did it. If she was late to an event, Bobby must’ve held her up. If her new album didn’t peak as her other ones have, Bobby must’ve paid off the Billboard people too huh?

God knows we all loved Whitney but this woman did have some serious issues. Other celebrities are even coming to the podium now confirming what many of us felt but would never have said in public… “She was on drugs long before she met Bobby.”

Watching a funeral for 4 hours, by the way which was ridiculously long and far away from “private” as California is from New York, was more of a celebrity party for people who hardly ever go in a church anyway. Then, the very person who obviously has transformed his life and was closer to Whitney than ANYBODY in the building had to leave the funeral.

He comes in with his family and they were not included in the planning, memorial, co-ordinating, or better yet… they weren’t even asked to sit with the family or ride in the limo with the family when this man has a daughter with her. A daughter, who by the way has attempted suicide and had been found cracked out on different occasions throughout the week and weekend. If she ever needed her father, she needed him then.

But isn’t it just like the church to shut out the people who need God most to satisfy their thirst for personal attention rather than God attention.

Bobby should have been allowed to not only sit down with the family but he should’ve been allowed to speak if he chose to. If anyone knows what they went through, he knew better than the Winans, Bishop T.D. Jakes, and half the other celebrities in line who never went to one rehab meeting with her. Wow! Some of the other spectators should’ve gotten up and made room for ANYBODY this man felt he had to bring with him in order to hold his head up.

9 People. That’s all? Out of a whole church, you couldn’t make room for 9 people?

I felt Tyler Perry gave the most meaningful message of the whole occasion. At least he had the audacity to mention Whitney’s struggle and success and how Jesus still loves us even when we are in valleys. Powerful.

Bobby has moved on with his life. He looks good. He looks drug free. He could’ve been the old Bobby and went off on everybody in there but the way he handled it was very thoughtful and courteous to the memory of a woman we all know he loved very dearly. Strange as they were, however authenticity was never the question.

Truth be told, we all have a little Bobby in us. We have been in valleys and nobody cared how we got there or if we would even come out. We have stood upon mountains and nobody cared if we would even sustain ourselves there. We have been blamed, judged, rebuked, and left for dead. Even in transformation and regrouping, most people still seem not to care.

The only difference between Bobby Brown and most of the celebrities in that room is he never had the benefit of a closet to hide in.

Bobby Brown is just like most of us. At some point we’ve all had to just walk away to keep our sanity.

Bobby, we know you are hurting and while the world is focusing so much on everybody else. Just know there are some of us who are real believers of the Gospel and we are praying for you as well my brother. I’m not one of the biggest fans of your music but I am a big fan of transformation. Good shepherds never focus so much on the 99 that they forget the one.

You still matter to the world dude and it’s obvious The Creator still has a purpose for you.



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  1. You couldn’t have said it no better than you did.Bobby Brown is a human just like matter what people one gave this man a chance.just like the old saying,never judge a book by It’s covers…

  2. Christian World where is your forgiveness. Jesus forgave you, even when you were in your sins, Christ died for you. Is there any man or woman out there who have never made a mistake, fail on hard times, did something you know weren’t right? Well, Here , is one with both hands held up high. However, I have a Savior who looked beyond my faults and saw my needs. Come on true Christians lets pray for our fallen brothers not only Bobby but anyone (e.g. Whitney’s family, etc, etc) because praying and forgiving is what we do.!!!!

  3. Well put and very true!! I feel bad for Bobby, and why would they assume he is not worthy to sit among the others for Whitney Houston. That was just wrong and spiteful!!!

  4. Well I guess this is a matter of opinion. However we are talking about years of stuff that most of us don’t know anything about. We can’t look past the fact that Whitney went down hill after getting involved with him. Many women go through this. Not saying it’s his fault but it is a fact. We all know someone like that. It happens women get hit with the great one and the mind is sure to follow. Penis is a powerful thing…

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