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Chinks and Niggers

Derogatory names have always been offensive to the African-American community. We know the sting of words like “nigger” or “monkey” or even “colored”. ¬†Whenever it happens in the media, it will take less than 60 seconds for our whistle blowers to protest and fight the power.

Knowing how hurtful it is to be called a “nigger” we should be just as upset whenever a person of any other race, including white, is called an inappropriate name by the media. No White American wants to be called a “cracker” if he’s not a “cracker”. No Black American wants to be called a “nigger” if he’s not. Mexicans don’t want to be called “wetbacks”.

Yesterday, ESPN posted this headline: ‘Chink In The Armor.’

Doesn’t sound like much of anything to hoot about until you realize they were referring to a poor game played by New York Knicks baksetball star, Jeremy Lin. Lin is Chinese.

Completely out of order. They knew better. They figured we would let it slide because it pertained to a Chinese player.

African Americans have the NAACP. Gays have their powerful platforms as well. The Hispanic Community even has outlets to combat Racism but the Chinese in America do not seem to have such powerful platforms to retaliate these hate crimes.

Even though you may not be Chinese it is important to let ESPN know, these types of headlines will not be tolerated. If you let them slide on this one, it may be your race next time.

Referees don’t have a favorite team. They blow the whistle on anyone who breaks the rules.

Put on your stripes and call this Foul.


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  1. Well said, and I’m sure the person behind that headline will be fired. There’s a lot of backlash on this one, and it won’t be allowed to stand.

    • Sean, you would think with the racial history in this country that their editors would’ve known right off that the headline would be offensive. I’m a big ESPN follower and it’s just terrible for any sports writer to stoop so low. Major mistake.

      • Honestly, it happened at 2:30 AM and was removed 30 minutes later. As someone who occasionally works odd hours writing headlines for a website, that was probably the only person working at the time, and their boss got a call at 3 AM that nobody wants to get.

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