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I Had To Put My 5 Yr Old Out Of The House…

It’s a beautiful day on the South Shore and the kids are out of school early for Mardi Gras festivities. I come in the door and both my sons go to their rooms to play on their iPods. “Daddy do we have to go outside?”  Without even thinking, I told them they didn’t.

Then, I looked out of the French Windows which overlook our patio in the backyard and it was absolutely beautiful.  There’s a nice brees (yep I spelled it right) and the sun was smiling upon our grass.  It hit me like a finger to the nose of Moe Stoogit, they need to go outside. I told both of them to get out of the house. They pouted and whined, “but we don’t wanna go outside.”

I opened the door and put them both outside. They got their basketballs and eventually played ball against each other.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that my kids are already computer geeks but they are boys and they need to go outside. That’s what’s wrong with many of our kids today. Television and Video Games are raising them and they are adopting a nonchalant attitude towards everything in life else that matters.

Obesity is out of control and it is mainly due to parents allowing their kids to sit in the house eating snacks, playing video games, and watching TV. MAKE THEM GO OUTSIDE AND BE ACTIVE. 20-30 minutes of jumping, running, and moving around is not only good for their muscles but it also works off all those calories they collected from snacks.

Also, BOYS NEED TO BE BOYS. A little basketball or touch football ‘ain’t never hurt nobody’. Boys learn competitiveness and hustle as kids playing competitive athletics. Don’t let your sons sit up in the house all day watching Dora and the girlie toons when there is absolutely nothing wrong with the weather outside.

Make them run. Make them race. Make them jump. Make them play.

Whatever you do, don’t encourage them to lay around your house. By the time they turn 13, they won’t want to work. They will be quite comfortable lounging and eating snacks all day. Overweight and Unfit to compete in a progressive society.

Not in my house. You are a boy. Get outside and be one.


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  1. I agree with you. As parents, we need to encourage our children to take up habits that are healthy for them. I often find, too, that once I have convinced them to play outside I need to convince them twice as hard to come back inside!

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