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When I eat Chinese Food I expect Low Mein and all the varieties of chicken and seafood. What I don’t expect to eat are ROACHES!

My wife found a roach in her food today at the Chinese Jumbo Buffet on Williams Blvd in Kenner, LA. Kenner is a suburb of New Orleans.

Yes. I’m calling them out and not entirely because she found a roach in her food but because after we showed it to them they were not apologetic at all. You would think the manager would have come out and personally apologized but he didn’t. They had no compassion for our disheartening experience at all.

The waitress took the plate and told us to get another one. NO MA’AM! We don’t want another one because unlike your other customers… WE DON’T EAT ROACHES!

Seriously? Get another one.

I was too upset. I asked the young chinese girl to get the manager so she walked back to the kitchen. Within less than 30 seconds she comes back and says, “Oh Him Busy. Him say come back little while.”

So I politely, warned the other customers of the consequences of eating roaches. These little rodents crawl between the cracks of the walls, under the crown molding, in the back of cabinets, and from places you don’t even know exist. They carry dirt, germs, bacteria, and disease. It is their priority to spread their germs to dispurify whatever they touch.

They don’t belong in your body.

We as consumers purchase meals on the trust that people who prepare our food are clean. It is one thing to find a string of her in your food. We’ve all had that experience at some point. But, to find a roach in your food is the response to complete filth and nastiness.

The least you can do is apologize for your disregard to the well being of the very people who buy that crap you call food.


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