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Even In A Cartoon

The other day I told my wife I was a little frustrated with some things in my life. I told her to pray for my focus because I’m usually the train that never stops moving.

I guess I have become a little disappointed in a few areas of my life and I asked my best friend, my wife, to speak over my life. Everyone has to have someone to vent to and she has become that person for me. I used to vent to others but I’ve found out I’d do better to just put it on YouTube if I wanted the whole world to know! Lol

But as I turned to walk out of the room, I just happened to look at the tv. My kids were sitting Indian Style watching cartoons. As I turned my eyes went directly to the screen and the cartoon lady said these words:

“It’s just a distraction! Don’t be distracted.”

After the little cartoon character said that the screen went blank as if the show had gone off and the board operator at the station wasn’t paying attention.

While the screen went black I tried to convince myself it was just coincidental but then the character on the cartoon came back on and said this…

“Airplanes have to build up air pressure in order to take off.”

Then they showed an airplane and all the kids cheered as it took off. Then the cartoon went to a commercial break.

It wasn’t coincidental. God will speak to you in whatever way he chooses to. The question is do u really pay attention when he speaks.

If he has to use Diego or Dora Dora he will. You just get it and apply it.

Nothing with God is coincidental. It’s all ordained that his will be done.


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  2. It was for you, and you got it. When the screen went blank, you could have continued your journey out of the room, but instead you stood there, waiting… See, God knows His children and He was not finish speaking with you yet. He had more to share with you! And only you would be able to interpret what He was saying because it was for you. I understand the moral of the story, but I got something different out of it as well. We sometimes tend to be on our schedule, our own time and not God’s time, and thats when we mess up. We get part of the message that God is trying to share with us and begin our journey before He is even finish speaking. We move on the blank screen instead of patiently waiting for Gods word. There will be pressure, but if we move when God says move, then we too, can take off. This story has blessed me this morning. Thanks.

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