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After they stick your mind with thornish names and say slanderish things about you behind your back they will begin to say it to your face. The real thorn is not their ability to create falacies behind your back. The real thorn is looking in the eyes of the people you think care and realizing rather than shield you, they help press the thorns into your scalp.

I’ve often wondered why great people have such cochy attitudes and why they carry themselves so isolated from the public. Who does President Obama have to talk to without his true feelings being discussed with other citizens? I mean… can he really vent about the thorns Americans have pressed against him without the very people calling him Anti-American for just airing out his human frustration? How much can he put on Michelle before she begins to worry about his stability as her leader? Many times he’ll have to hold it in.

When Ted Haggard dealt with Homosexual temptations why couldn’t he talk to fellow clergy about his sexual frustrations? You would think he had at least one person that would see him for who he really was and help to lead him correctly. Not one. The very few he had resorted to pressing thorns.

When Whitney Houston snorted her first line. Why couldn’t she talk to other artists? Why didn’t she have anyone in the business she could trust to hear her heart without pointing out her flaws? Instead, they sold her the poison that slowly stole her life away and talked about her in the process.

Even if people knew half of their sacrifice, they’d still believe what they choose to believe about them. We’re so afraid of being crucified but honestly we should take it as an honor. The most unfortunate people are they whose life is not even worth crucifying.

When we go through trials, Peter teaches in 1Peter 4:12 that is should not be strange what people will call you and say about you to destroy your name. It should not be strange what you will have to endure to get to the Glory. The Glory only comes AFTER these things have taken place. If you truly want the Glory… relax while the pre-show begins.

I had a very exciting day today in the midst of my present challenges. But a friend told me something that shook my world. He said, “Pastor… look at your blood.” He said Jesus couldn’t vent to anyone at all.

As a matter of fact if you read the bible correctly, the only time it goes into detail about Jesus’ temper raising is when he entered the temple. Among unbelievers he remained interesting and relevant. Only when he came into the temple did he turn over tables and had to straight go off on people. The very people he was called to teach said the ugliest things about him with no evidence of truth in their lies. They thorned him, beat him, ripped his skin, hung him to a Cross and yet there was no one else even strong enough to even hear how he felt nor understand his sacrfice.

Hurt and wounded, ripped to the very core of his being, Jesus hung… by himself. I think he felt let down. I think he felt irrelevant despite how many people he reached. But I also feel the only thing that kept him focused on the Glory was the dripping of his blood.

With every drip he could remember Lazarus’ face when the death garments fell. The next drip he remembered the look in the Shulamite woman’s face when he accepted the offering others mocked. He remembered Peter’s gleam when he actually walked on the water. He remembered the shock on the faces of everyone in the room when they thought he had saved the best wine for last. He remembered the woman at the well who ran and told everyone about her salvation. He remembered the lame man who laid down for 30 something years and how he walked for the first time. As the blood dripped from his scalp down his neck, from the neck to the arm, from the arm to the hand, and from fingertips to the ground… he looked at his blood drip. It reminded him that no matter what people say or do they couldn’t stop the Glory from coming.

Sometimes, you will suffer alone and no one will seem to understand what you’re going through but take a moment and look at your blood.

The Glory only comes after the drip.


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