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My Last Meeting

We have become a society so immune to the attacks on our youth that we honestly don’t have a solution. Yes we have boards and committees which are supposed to transform young people but many times these are just trophies… programs that the elite of the community can display around their business peers. Many of them would be lost in a conversation with an urban teenager after 3 minutes.

There is a total disconnect between today’s youth and the community’s leaders. I refuse to sit in another meeting with committee members for 2 hours discussing the issues that affect our teens. WE KNOW THE DANG ON PROBLEM! What we need are legit solutions.

We don’t need another afterschool program. We don’t need another Top Teens expansion. We don’t need another once a month religious youth meeting.

My father took the Boy Scouts blueprint and made it exciting. His Top Gun initiative is more valuable than the boy scout program. He has produced hundreds of productive boys to men in his 25 years as Director. Most of us are business owners, community leaders, and heads of families now.

He didn’t sit around in meetings with people to talk about an issue. God gave him a vision to perfect many young men. Instead of having meetings he rolled up his sleeves and reached kids rather than complain about their destruction. He spoke their language while elevating their minds.

Here is a message to every Mayor who constantly pours money into programs that aren’t worth Jack… Sit down and talk to the “hood”. The hood is talking yet being ignored.

These boys aren’t just drug dealers. They don’t feel they have better opportunities. These young girls aren’t just making babies. They are trying to produce something that will love them back. These kids don’t just listen to rap. While displeasing most times, rappers personify their life perspectives.  They don’t choose the streets. The streets choose them while churches and community leaders look over them.

Our kids are beautiful. Even with foul language sometimes they have something powerful to say. Even with sagging pants, while indecent, they at least understand the importance of uniformity. Even with their thuggish characteristics and behavior, though misdirected they do recognize codes and principles.

Our job is to improve how they see the world. The way they see it right now is people are getting paid government money to have meetings about them but return to their own fine neighborhoods producing no solutions. The issues only become important when their daughter is caught having sex or their son is arrested while hanging with the “wrong” crowd. The truth is, the enemy is attacking all kids despite ethnicity, religious consistency, and zipcode. Columbine was not a result of black kids in the “hood”. It was a result of the same enemy who is after all our children.

If u are not involved in a young man’s life… Not just part of an organization… But personally involved in his life YOU are the real problem.

Soon you’re either going to have him arrested for breaking in your house, point him out as the shooter, watch him abuse your daughter, pay taxes to help house him in prison, or have to stop while his funeral recession holds up the traffic.

The average parent does not attend any parent/teacher meetings regularly. They are not involved in the school system at all and they blame the school for the miseducation of their child. Most church parents go to church but they do no community service through the church. We have become the “take care of my own” generation. However, numbers prove we’re not doing a good job with our own either.

Many don’t have any clues for the community because they don’t have a clue for their own kids.

The National Education statistics prove kids who learn in smaller classes are more productive. Maybe the solution is not in large programs but in programs that provide more one on one relationship with a few rather than 400 at a time.

Stop having meetings to set up another meeting to discuss a plan that’s no different from a million other plans. Roll up your sleeves. Dig deep in your own neighborhood. Begin caring.


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