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Is Your Marriage A Job Or A Business?

As a pastor, the more I deal with parents the more I recognize the mind fractures of today’s youth.

If neither parent has a stable love interest very rarely will the child have stable relationships. Mama can’t keep breaking up with men and sleeping with a new one over and over again. Daddy can’t keep having babies by different women while still neglecting children he already has.

Kids see this. Every immature move a parent makes is another example the child will probably duplicate.

Why did you get married? For some people it was a great job opportunity. The benefits were good. Most people hate their jobs. They only work the job because they feel like they have to in order to live comfortable.

I suggest marriage is a business. If both partners in the company handle their responsibility the company does well. When you own the business you care about it’s growth and position. You won’t do things to destroy its good position. Also, you don’t allow anyone else to contaminate what you have created.

Jesus designed marriage to mirror his relationship with His church. It’s business. Serve Christ and he does his part to cover you. Do your part and He does his. Business is prosperous for both parties.

Ask yourself a question. Am I showing my daughter how to find a good business partner or am I showing her how to get a job?

Show your son how to start a business and he’ll quit looking for temporary jobs.


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5 Responses »

  1. Man that was an awesome post

  2. whoa pastor thats deep! if more people saw marriage this way there would be less divorce!

  3. omg! so true ! great one as usual pasTor ro!

  4. Gotta read that again cause I’m not sure I’ve ever heard it put that way. I’ve never been married but if I do I know a different approach to it

  5. Love it Pastor Ro….So many parents can’t see beyong their own personal inconsistencies & understand that their kids are the future and will carry on the empire.

    The business extends far beyong them and their emotions, as a matter of fact, once they reproduce, it becomes less and less about them and the moment, but more and more about the seed and the future.


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