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They make $7-10 an hour but they don’t care…

Most kids who work at Burger King or McDonald’s aren’t proud of their jobs. They hate to go to work and look for every reason to call in sick. As soon as they leave work they rush to take their work shirts and name tags off because they could care less about the job. Many will give you free products at the drive-in window if they know you because they could care less about the company’s inventory.

Sometimes when you pull up to the drive thru they sound so unenthusiastic when they ask, “Can I Take Your Order Please?” t’s mainly because the whole time many of them are at work they are counting down how many minutes and hours remain before their shift is complete.

I walked in an Apple store recently and I noticed when you walk in the store the employees greet you with authentic smiles. They are proud to work for this company. They actually know details about the products they offer. Every worker knows stats and facts about the growth of this company. When they get off work, they wear their Apple nametags and iPad/iPhone t-shirts for the rest of day because they secretively wish someone would notice that they actually work for Steve Jobs!

Most of the employees make a salary equivalent to a fast food employee. I think the average Apple floor sales rep makes roughly $7-10 an hour but they don’t care. They love what their company has to offer and they feel good when a new customer joins the family.

Honeslty a person’s salary is not as important to them as the feeling they get when they really believe in the product they have to offer. The youngsters who work for Apple don’t expect to get rich working a 4 hour shift selling iPhones but they believe the product they have to offer is the best thing that has ever happened. They know how its going to change your life.

Imagine if we represented Christ with that same Spirit.


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